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Service Above Self

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Hatboro Dish
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I joined Rotary 25 years  ago and have gained much personally as it has given me the opportunity to help my community in ways I could not do as a single person. Additionally it has opened the broader need of my fellow man as I traveled to countries such as Guatemala and Haiti on medical missions supported by Rotary. First hand experiences are much more educational,  giving you a true picture of societies that are surviving with so little in the material sphere but so strong in the spirit. Go Rotary International!!! (Gloria Inlander)
I mainly joined Rotary to be more involved with community and business development. I already knew a few Rotarians, business people who I had interaction with, and liked their honesty and integrity. They were also  leaders of the community . I found that Rotary had a cross section of many different businesses and they all came together to make things better not only in the locale community but International as well. I also thought that Rotary would help with personal growth and development. (Tom Finerghty)

Happy Birthday Rotary

Tomorrow we celebrate the 112th anniversary of Rotary which began Feb 23 1905 in Chicago. As we begin our club's membership drive, think back to the time you joined Rotary and why. Perhaps the "why" will help you recruit new members to serve our community and humanity. I wanted to give back to the community, the idea of service appealed to me both locally and internationally. My Father was a Rotarian and it seemed the perfect match. In 1996 my Rotary journey began, I got involved! I joined a Medical Mission thru Wheaton IL Rotary and did several missions to Huanaco Peru; attended an International Convention in Australia; joined a Rotary Skiing Fellowship; met Rotarians from around the world; and spent many years involved in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. I have helped to build tent platforms at Goose Pond Boy Scout Camp, picked up trash on miles of PA roads, sponsored exchange students, served my community at spaghetti dinners, lobster pots and flea market/auctions, and visited many clubs around the world.Proud to be a Rotarian! (Barb Schupeltz) Why did you join???
Congratulations to Bob Hillenbrand for winning the 50/50! $43
Interested in signing up for Tribal Challenge 2017?? Not sure what it's about? Watch this video!
Welcome to Tom Murt, represents the 152nd Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Tom brought us up to date on the budget process as well as the opioid crisis, adults with special needs, mental health issues, Penn Dot work ahead and a number of other issues which are being studied. His office is on York Rd right in Hatboro so feel free to stop at any time if you have issues, need a notary, or just want to talk. Follow these links for more info on Tom and what is happening in the District.
Welcome to Bill Walker, Horsham Rotarian and Horsham Township Manager.
Bill covered a number of subjects including traffic improvements, improving major intersections, building new township building in 2018, update on water contamination issue , WaWa construction, Navy Base delay, economic development and Tricentennial Celebration.2017 is Horsham's Tricentennial and a list of monthly events can be found at With regard to the Navy Base, it is expected that 700 acres will go to Horsham in 2018 and another 200 in 2020. For more regarding Horsham Township please visit Thank you Bill for that most informative update.
A HUGE congratulations to Tom Post for finding the Joker today and winning the 50/50 .
And NO, his wife gets none of it.
Tom is donating the entire amount ($586) to Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus!
Congratulations Tom!
As we approach our 75th Anniversary, Bob reminded us of our beginnings. The club was started with Carl Garner, owner of the local lumber yard, who was asked by the Rotary Club of North Wales to start a club. The first meeting had 4 people and the second had 6.
Hatboro Horsham Education Foundation
We once again welcomed Nancy Delucia to our club. Today Nancy brought with her Sarah Carner and John Schumann from Pennypack Elementary School to tell us about the Trout In the Classroom (TIC) program which HHEF funds. TIC is a statewide program designed to teach students about cold-water conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium. It isn't just about raising the fish, it is about educating the students on the connections between ecosystems, watersheds and conservation that make it possible for fish to survive in a pollution free environment. At Pennypack, the program includes the 2nd and 4th graders. Three of the students talked about the program. Madeline 5th grade, Shane 4th grade and Alex 2nd grade.
The 75th anniversary committee is looking for pictures and other memorabilia covering the last 75 years of the club. If you have
ANY pictures or other information regarding projects, club service activity etc., please bring it to a club meeting or contact Gary and we will
have someone pick up the information. We will return the items to you after the committee is done with them. Thank you in advance!
Get your teams together for a fun night of trivia. Check out the informational flyer which can be accessed by "read more" link or click on the trivia page on the left .This is also a night to donate to local food pantries so bring your nonperishable food items to the event.
Engineers Without Borders   Walt Walker and Adam Erispaha
APATUT Water Project Update
The project "Water for Life" was designed to bring water to the about 900 people in Apatut, Phillipines. To read the history and past progress please visit: Originally the project was to drill a well, construct a water storage facility and pump station so that rather then a central location for people to go for water, it would be  sent directly to their homes. The project began in 2008. Over time, there were obstacles and issues which unfortunately brought EWB to the difficult decision to  step away from the project. We applaud the dedication and hard work of EWB to continually try to resolve the political, economic and local partnerships issues. In the end, progress was slow and the team felt that without them, the community would not be able to sustain the project for the long term. But there were successes..developing Tippy Tap hand washing stations, education of school children and parents on the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of disease, and introduction of a Solar Disinfection System pilot program to 32 families. To read the EWB letter to the community go to the facebook page  . Thank you Walt and Adam.
  SPEAKER: Melinda Goodwin Hatboro Residents Association (HRA) 
  "The small town with a big heart" is how Melinda describes Hatboro. The HRA is all about bringing the community together. With about       250 members, they have a long list of accomplishments. Perhaps they are most proud of their Community Garden Program. They began with 2 gardens and now have 13 throughout the town including at the schools and library. 583 lbs of fresh produce from these gardens has  been donated to local food banks that feed the community,school children and, the elderly. One of their goals is to encourage support of local businesses. Become a member for $15 and get discounts to many local restaurants and businesses. To read more about the HRA, and to download a membership application visit their website
Congratulations Hatboro Rotary for receiving the ShelterBox Bronze Hero Award, given to those who donate $1000 per year for at least three consecutive years.
ROTARY MOMENTS with Bob Powers:
Friendships through Rotary..In 1988 the Rotary International Convention was in Philadelphia and Bob and Dottie signed up to "host" a couple from Wales. (Why not, after all Bob and Dottie lived in North Wales so it seemed fitting!). They sent photos (yup Bob sent one with an arrow through his head!) ahead of time and met in Philly for lunch and dinner before the couple joined the Powers at their home. Marina and Malcolm became wonderful friends and while they were here, they were able to go to Atlantic City (first time at a casino) see the shore at Avalon and Cape May and forge a lifelong friendship with Bob and Dottie. Over the years, the two couples have met in various places around the world. Although Malcom has passed away, Bob and Dottie continue to phone Marina every Christmas. The wonderful world of Rotary!!!
The float theme is "Doing Good in the World".  The 2017 Float promoted and celebrated the 100 years of The Rotary Foundation. This float won the Princess Award, Most Beautiful Float 35' and Under.
Each month, eBay, the world’s largest auction website, selects a set of upcoming Live Auction events and donates a portion of all sales proceeds to Rotary. Only U.S. auction sales are eligible.
As we approach the end of 2016, we look forward to the second half of this Rotary Year. President Gary presented a slide review of the first half of the Rotary year noting the clubs speakers, projects, Club member and Club accomplishments and continuing goals for the next half of the year.
We continue to ask for help from our club members in meeting our Foundation goal of 100% participation (we are at 85%). We are also very close to having the funds for our second shelter box.
Today we were joyfully entertained by the Madrigal Singers from Hatboro Horsham High School under the direction of John Timmons. An extremely talented group of young people reminded us how music and voices can lift people up! We Thank You for joining us this morning and putting smiles on our faces! To hear a little of the singers, go to the website and click on the link at the right "Madrigal Singers" to hear them sing.
SHELTER BOX UPDATE: We are nearly there to purchase another shelter Box. If you would like to help us get there, you can donate through
ROTARY FOUNDATION: Our Goal for Foundation Giving during their Centennial Celebration Year was 100% club participation..We are almost there.
You can write a check to Rotary Foundation and bring it to the next meeting or donate online
Marsha Eichelberger, Inter Faith Housing Alliance provides housing and supportive services for Montgomery County families facing homelessness. In partnership with at least 12 MONTCO Churches, they are able to provide emergency shelter for families for the night. This program provides families with children, shelter, life skills training, basic needs support and other supportive services to help them leave homelessness behind and work toward a permanent  home. In 2015, 1570 families faced homelessness. 21 families (24 adults and 49 children) received emergency shelter, 12 families (14 adults and 27 children) received transitional housing support. Inter Faith Housing Alliance is currently fundraising for a van to be able to transport clients from their office/day care to nighttime emergency shelter and then return them the following morning. They have currently raised $10000 of their $20000 goal. For more information and to find out about volunteering, donating, and other services provided by Inter Faith please go to their website
On behalf of Hatboro Rotary, Gary presented Marsha with a check toward the van project.
SPEAKER: Bruce Dearnley, Blue Bell Rotary
 Mukaa Children's Home and Community Water Project. The Mukaa Water Project was a joint project of the Blue Bell Rotary, Hatboro Rotary and a local Kenyan Rotary Club. Primarily this project was conceived to bring water to Mukaa and the surrounding community throughout the year. For 9 months out of the year, there was no water/or very limited water. The goal was to find a water source, drill a well and provide water to both the children's home (110 people) and the community of 2500. Additionally, water storage was provided in the event the pumping station experienced a failure. The well was drilled to a depth of 350 feet, water was clean , drinkable and endless. This is another wonderful example of Rotary cooperation to help make lives better for those they may never have met. As a result, the community, children's home, and schools now have water year round.
Bob Powers Rotary Moment:
Today Bob spoke of Pearl Harbor on this 75th anniversary of the bombing. Bob shared with us his memories of where he was and what he and his family experienced that day. It started out as an ordinary Sunday until "Breaking News" interrupted the local radio program. Lives changed for many that day. Most of us weren't even a thought during that time but many have experienced how life changes when war happens. We have a diverse group of Rotarians, many who have served in time of war. We also belong to a Service Organization that promotes peace and provides for others through local projects and international projects. We may never know those we help and they may never know us. Looking at a working well and the smiling faces of children reminds us of the good that we do around the world.
SPEAKER: Jesse Brookreson "Hatboro Rotary Honoring the Veterans Among Us". This is a link to the power point presentation in case you missed it!
Hatboro Rotary Veterans:
  Lou Parys, Navy .... Aviation Ordinanceman 2nd Class ;
       Served in WWII; was in the Pacific on the
       USS Chandeleur
  Frank Jarrett, Navy...1953-56, Pacific Fleet
  Tom Post, Navy...Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class, USS Shenandoah
  Barbara Schupeltz, Navy...CAPT 1967-1994..Nurse Corps.
  Tom Finerghty, Army... E-5 Fixed UH 1 Helicopters in Vietnam
  Curt Difurio, Army...Reconnaisance Specialist
  Bob Powers, Army...Taught Tank Engine Repair
  Doug Thomas, Army...Specialist E-5 Stationed in
        South Korea (DMZ), Pentagon and Fort Meyers Arlington VA
  George Lewis, Army...Drove a Tank..28th Division 111th Tank Company
  Jack Groves, Army....1st LT in Signal Corps; Trained at Fort Monmouth;
           Deployed to Korea
  Joe Walsh, Marine Corps...Korean War Vet
  David Hower, Army...Army Ordinance 1952-1954,Started in California maintaining tanks
          Transferred to Maryland, Abington Proving Ground to verify weapons
          Back to California, Camp Erwin (10 miles from Death Valley) maintaining tanks
          Sent to Germany where he repaired military trucks
Thank you all for your Service!
Kenyan Water Bottling Project update
  We have raised $3025 thus far. Please remember, the matching program goes to the end of December.
  Checks should be made out to Hatboro Rotary and given to Katrina Sullivan.
SPECIAL PRESENTATION to Rotarian Russ Fairlie
For Faithful Service to the Community, and the Hatboro Rotary.
Russ has been a member of this club for 35 years. He is a Past President, Paul Harris Fellow and has been the driving force behind Lobster Pot.Rotary has been and continues to be a part of his family..his Father was a Rotarian and his son is a Rotarian. During his tenure as President of this club, Russ help to raise $25000 for Polio Plus. We thank you for your leadership, your service to this community and to this club.
Russ Fairlie and Bob Johnston


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Dave McPhillips OD and Nancy Delucia representing Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) of Pennsylvania.The Mission of VOSH is to provide eye care and glasses to the materially poor in developing countries through short term mission trips and the training of local healthcare providers. Currently they are making quarterly week long mission trips to Haiti seeing an average of 2500-3000 patients. Nancy and Dave presented slides of their trip to Genaives Haiti (about a three hour bus ride from Port Au Prince Haiti) where they spent a week examining, providing eyeglasses, and sunglasses, treating acute and chronic eye problems and if available site-restoring surgeries. They work with local health professionals to provide care to those most in need. For more information on VOSH , to donate or to volunteer, go to
Gary presented a check for $500 from the Hatboro Rotary to VOSH.


     SPEAKER:   Ed Hinno, Retired FBI Agent. Ed grew up in Mahanoy City PA, and in 1968 joined the FBI. He spent 22 years as an agent beginning in Savannah GA to Kentucky and then back to Pennsylvania. The FBI had 56 field offices and all Resident Agency Branches came under one of those offices. When the FBI came under Hoover in 1924, they were not permitted to carry fire arms or make arrests.  It wasn't until 1935 that agents were allowed to carry side arms. Thank you Ed for the interesting talk and sharing some of your past cases with us.
Rotary Moment presented by Bob Powers! In its early years Rotary was a men's organization and men were able to bond together as a group to help their communities. Circa 1968 this Rotary club did its first successful project..collecting technical books for a college in Valparaiso Chile. Although no longer a "men's" club, Rotary continues to support their communities in many ways as well as building friendships among people who might never have met if it were not for Rotary. Bob also gave us some insight into the early businesses of Hatboro..Do you remember Roberts and Mander  Stove Building Company? How about AMSCO Toy manufacturing Co? And what about the Bowling Alley on Meadowbrook and Jacksonville Rds? Our town is very rich in History!!
Tom Harbaugh presented a PHF+1 (pin with blue sapphire) to Linda Roehner. Please remember to make your centennial contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
Johnathan Riches acknowledged Katrina Sullivan for all the that she does to support the community and The Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He presented a small brick to her in honor of the support she has given to the Seminary and to the Community.
Congratulations to The Rotary Foundation!  The Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotary—a global network of volunteers committed to improving lives and communities around the world—has been named the 2016 Outstanding Foundation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Please follow this link to read the entire article.
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