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Mark your calendars. June 13 2018 will be our night at Village Players. Tell all your friends!
   Congratulations to Bob Hillenbrand who was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for his continual support of ShelterBox. Bob
   has a big piggy bank that he puts all his loose change in . When "piggy" has a full belly, he donates that money to the club
   in support of ShelterBox. Every penny, nickel , dime and quarter adds up! Bob has been doing this for many years! Thank
   you Bob for your contributions to this Club.
Jesse presented an interesting video about the song lyrics to "American Pie" written by Don McLean, an American singer and songwriter. Originally released in 1971, it rose very quickly to the top of the charts and was No1 in 1972. The meaning behind the song began started with his reaction to hearing in 1959 that Buddy Holly had died in a plane crash with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper on “the day the music died” . The meaning to the lyrics have long been debated and it wasn't until his original manuscript sold that did its meaning come to light . According to notes written on the manuscript, Don describes it as a morality song that charts the decline of the USA and its loss of innocence. As don has been quoted “I was around in 1970 and now I am around in 2015... there is no poetry and very little romance in anything anymore, so it is really like the last phase of American Pie, he said. The final verse of the recorded version describes a bleak America: the music has gone and even the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are heading for the coast."
Rotary International President Ian H.S. Riseley believes protecting the environment and curbing climate change are essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service. In July of 2017 The President challenged every Rotary club to make a difference by planting a tree for each of its members between the start of the Rotary year on 1 July and Earth Day on 22 April 2018. Trees remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which slows global warming. Have you planted a tree this year???
Jesse Brookreson!!!!
  Congratulations to Jesse on finding the Joker today and winning $387!
  Does he look Happy???????
  Congratulations to Analiasia Hall on winning the Club 4 way Test Speech Contest.
  Analiasia presented her speech to the club today and she is on her way to the Regional competition
  on Saturday. We wish her well and much luck at Regionals.   
Congratulations to Past President Gary Chamberlain  and Lorna Hower , wife of the late Dave Hower on becoming Paul Harris Fellows! Lorna was recognized in honor of her late husband. Together,Lorna and Dave were extremely dedicated to the Hatboro Rotary club as well as many community organizations and projects. Gary was recognized for both his work as president of this club and his dedication to Rotary and the Rotary Foundation. During his year as President Gary was able to garner 100% participation of club members to Rotary Foundation. 
SPEAKER: Kate Sample Sunshine Foundation
The sunshine foundation is a non profit  which basically started with the kindness and generosity of one man..Bill Sample, a Philadelphia Police Officer. In 1976 Bill founded Sunshine foundation, the Original Wish Granting Organization with the expressed mission of answering the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children ages 3-18 whose families cannot afford the child request due to financial strain on the family. Sunshine has fulfilled over 40000 dream requests. The most popular is to Disney world in Florida. To make families more comfortable, Sunshine Foundation built the Dream village in Florida which features 9 themed cottages, a heated pool, putt putt course and playground equipped for special needs children. When families are sent to Dream Village, it is all expenses paid including air fare,rental car,spending money, and park tickets. Please visit their website for more information and to donate https://www.sunshinefoundation.org/ .  There is a wealth of information about the organization and what they do on this website, please click the link. Thank you Kate!
Hatters HOLD EM Casino Night Friday April 13 @ 7 PM
Old York rd Country Club 801 Tennis Ave, Ambler PA
Includes casino games, raffle prizes, live music, food, drink, and celebrity dealers.
Register at www.hhef.org
There is a suggested donation of $70 per person
All proceeds benefit the Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation
Speaker: Eric Trumbower
  Eric spoke to us today about Camp Erin ,a weekend camp for grieving children and teens. The camp provides a safe, fun, and emotionally supportive environment for children to explore their grief and build healthy coping stratagies. It is free to all campers. There are 48 locations across the country for Camp Erin and 53 three day weekends are held. For more information and for information on volunteering, click the link https://www.pennmedicine.org/for-patients-and-visitors/find-a-program-or-service/home-care-and-hospice/bereavement-services/camp-erin
Camp Erin in Philadelphia is a partnership between the Moyer Foundation and Penn Wissahickon Hospice
Presidential Citation 2016 -2017
Congratulations Gary !
Presidential Citation Rotary Year 2016-2017.
The Rotary Club of Hatboro was one of only 4 Clubs out of 42 within our district to receive this citation!
We should all be very proud of this achievement!

The HHEF is a Non-Profit©(3).  Since its inception in 1987, The HHEF ( Hatboro  Horsham Educational Foundation)  has provided more than 1 million dollars in Innovative Learning Grants to teachers and principals for projects that enrich the district’s curriculum and public education. Stephanie also presented a replica of the Mural from Blair Mill Elementary School in memory of Nancy Doherty, Principal of Blair Mill who passed away Dec 14, 2016.

Worthwwhil wear Dan Emr Bio Pic Small Size
Several years ago, Dan Emr, Founder and Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear, heard these statistics from missionaries doing a presentation:
• 27 million men and women around the world – including our tri-state area – are trapped in slavery. Of those 27 million, 21.6 million are women, of which nearly all are involved in some form of sexual exploitation.
• Human trafficking is the second-largest organized crime enterprise, tied with arms trafficking – and closely following drug trafficking.
• Criminal operations find human trafficking increasingly appealing because of its high profit potential: humans can be sold repeatedly, while drugs are sold and used up after one use.
Moved with compassion for the women represented by these statistics, Emr planted the seed for the creation of a nonprofit organization with a threefold focus to free exploited girls and women: prevention, reaching/restoring, and creating awareness.
Beginning in India, Emr partnered with various groups to educate poverty-stricken families about the ploys of traffickers to prevent further exploitation and to train girls and women to sew and make jewelry and other products so they could make a living wage. Promoting and selling these products in the U.S. and online creates awareness and helps fund the work in India.
Recently, The Intelligencer ran a well-researched series about human trafficking in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This is a quote from the first article:
Human trafficking—especially sex trafficking—is happening right under our noses in many parts of Bucks and Montgomery counties. Law enforcement officials, area lawmakers, and local support groups are seeing an uptick in what they call modern-day slavery. Teenage girls are lured by pimps who feign romantic interest…Sympathy. Attention. Romance. Coercion. Force. These are some of the tools of traffickers.
This information supported what Emr had learned about the prevalence and problem of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of women in Bucks County through involvement in the Bucks County Coalition Against Trafficking (BCAT). Collaborating with other organizations and companies is a critical component of any efforts to help trafficking victims make the journey from victim to survivor. Bucks County is fortunate to have established organizations, committed professionals, and adequate resources to provide a broad range of human services to these women. Some gaps in service became evident in the BCAT meetings—the need for safe, long-term housing and employment opportunities. This need for safe housing, which gives survivors of this type of traumatic experience a place to heal, led to the development of a program called The Well, which was designed to put into action a faith-based response to deal with the issue of sexual exploitation of women in and around Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
Modeled after successful restorative programs, the process begins by working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to identify women over 18 who are trapped in this industry. Numerous human service organizations are involved in an assessment and treatment process, which may lead to a referral to The Well. Housing, food, clothing, counseling, life skills training, and tutoring are just some of the services women will receive at The Well. Opportunities for vocational training, employment, and community integration will be offered at Worthwhile Wear’s two stores: Worthwhile Thrift, an upscale resale and thrift store, and Freedom Boutique, a unique boutique selling items made by women rescued from human trafficking, located at the former Piper Classics in Pipersville. These will also be a source of revenue for The Well.
Get Involved
Luis CdeBaca, the Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, stated that “What trafficking victims endure is incomparable to what most of us confront in a lifetime and should put into context the small injustices and frustrations of our daily work and lives.” The job may be huge, but pulling together an effective team will provide an opportunity for freedom and restored lives for many women. Here are several ways that you can become involved in this battle for justice and human rights:
1. Donate to and shop at Worthwhile Thrift and Freedom Boutique.
2. Make a donation to Worthwhile Wear.
3. Sign up to become a volunteer at The Well or Worthwhile Thrift.
Worthwhile Wear is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to preventing entrance into and reaching girls already in the sex slave trade while addressing the root causes and providing women and girls an alternative means of income and a new life. The Well, a program of Worthwhile Wear, is a long-term aftercare and housing program in Bucks County focused on helping women over 18 who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Rotary Speaker today:  Bob Powers – Rotary Minute
Bob shared a portion of the article from the last Rotary Magazine on Diversity on how Diversity is our strength in Rotary.  Different individuals in Rotary who represented our community in different fields were an essential part of the strength in rotary.  He reflected on some moments in his early years with Rotary when club members called on other club members.  Bob shared a few examples, Fred Jarrad represented his expertise in car repair.  When you dropped your car off for the day to be serviced, Fred would give you a loaner car for the day.  Fred Powell would be the “go to” guy for electric work.   The Hatboro Rotary Club is fortunate to have membership at a record high with so much diversity with years of experience to servicing our community.  While age and years of service to Rotary is a great source of diversity for the club, it’s important that we continue to bring in the a younger generation to sustain the Hatboro Rotary diversity.  Stay tuned for the next Rotary Minute for a continued important point. 
  •  Doug Thomas will chair our February Food Drive.  Teams were broken into four groups.  Food will be collected for the month of February with a weekly drop-off to the designated food banks.  At the end of the month, a prize will be awarded to the winning team.
  • Breakfast @ the Dish will be making a change.  No Buffet  but there will be a menu from which to choose breakfast.  No change in cost for the breakfast, but coffee will increase to $5.00 from the current $3.00.  Research has showed that the majority of the club are “ordering breakfast” rather than using the buffet. This will go into effect Feb 7 2018.
  • There will be another Plarn (Plastic bag yearn balls) Ball workshop on 1/23..10 am
  • Willow Grove Rotary is doing a fundraiser at The village Players on 1/25/18. The play is "Arsenic and Old Lace"
  • There will be a food drive in the month of Feb. Rotarians will collect food and bring to the meeting each Weds.
  • Tentative Date for Trivia night is April 21.
  • Tom F. reported that for the last six months, our attendance has been at 85%! Great job. Also a reminder that make ups can be four weeks before and four weeks after a meeting.
  Today we learned a bit more about new club  member Jillian. She grew up in this area,with her
   parents Jackie and Joe, her older sister Jessica and her twin brother Josh. Josh is engaged to
  Meredith and will wed this year and Jill's boyfriend   John has been by her side for 3 1/2 years. Jill
  graduated from Lower Moreland High school in 2008, went on to  West Chester University, graduated    from there in 2012 with a dual BA degree in English and Philosophy. She was a member of  many clubs  
  and activities and made the Dean's list all 4 years. After college, Jill worked for New Penn Financial, then     went off to law school at Villanova. She graduated with her JD Degree , passed the bar and headed to Harrisburg to work as an associate attorney at a boutique elder law firm. She decided it was time to return home and began working at Schneider, Nixon and John located in Hatboro. Her hobbies include crafting, baking,discovering hidden gems in the area, teaching at supplemental religious school programs  and Music. We are delight to have Jill in the club! Welcome!
Jan 16 2017 at the Chamber Office, there is an opportunity to help make yarn for the plastic mats. Instruction will begin at 10 am. Come learn how to make yarn from plastic bags. Once you learn, you can do this from home. Please lets support our HHHS Interact Club!
SPEAKER: Mike Brookshire
Mike shared slides and stories from his volunteer opportunity with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) to Haiti in Nov 2017. Unlike some other trips to Haiti, the staff was able to stay in the Hotel Mont Joli where they had beds, food, and hot showers! It rained at least twice a day which left muddy "roads" and water everywhere. The quiet of the first light of morning was greeted with roosters crowing and the church bells ringing, a much nicer sound then motorcycles. During this trip they went to 5 locations in Haiti and saw a total of 1119 patients. To bring clear sight to those who didn't have it is clearly something you must experience to feel its impact.
More then any other season of the year, the Holidays are a time to reflect on friendships, reconnect with family, and share happy times with friends and family.For Bob's Rotary Moment we are reminded of the reach of friendship that this organization provides. About 1987, The Rotary International Conference was being held in Philadelphia and they were looking for people to host attendees. Bob and Dottie volunteered and being from North Wales thought hosting a couple from Wales was appropriate. The friendship of Bob and Dottie and Malcolm and Marina has lasted a long time. They share laughter, vacations and have become family. Although Malcolm has passed, Bob and Dottie talk to Marina at least once every year. Rotary is more then just "your" club, it is a world of people sharing and working in service to mankind.
Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!!
In December we welcomed new club member Kevin Kelley,
  Welcome Kevin! Kathy Salemno is Kevin's sponsor
 Born in Charleston into a large family, Mike had a wandering spirit from the very beginning. He ventured to Kentucky after high school, took up scuba diving at an early age, had a strong interest in the sciences, graduated college with a major in Biology and a minor in chemistry. In 1966, after graduating college, and although wanting to continue with school, he decided to look into the Air force. (He expected he would get drafted so wanted to choose his own fate!) At the recruiting office, he told the recruiter he wanted to fly, although he had zero experience or training. He was told he had to take a battery of tests, which he did and never waiver from his mantra "I want to fly". He received a call from the Air Force telling him he needed to fly to Dayton for a flight physical. Mike asked if he passed the tests and apparently he must have. (many pilots had taken the test and didn't pass it!). Thus began Mike's journey! He was sent to Officer Training School and then B-66 fighter training. He was off to Japan and on a night when his squadron gave a party for the incoming DOD teachers, Mike walked in straight off of a flight and met Karen! They are still together after 48 years. So where has he been? Japan, Korea, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Macau, Okinawa, Germany , Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand,  Florida, Las Vegas, California, Georgia and many places in between! After he retired, he spent 20 years with Lockheed in California helping to design the F-22. After retiring from Lockheed, he and Karen settled in Hatboro. Thanks Mike for sharing!
  Today we welcome Mike to tell us a little about the work of the Moose Loge in Willow Grove.
  The Moose Organization is a fraternal organization that works both within their communities and
  internationally. They have 2 major charities" : 1. Supporting  Mooseheart Child City & School , a 1,000-acre
  campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago http://www.mooseheart.org/ and 2. Moosehaven, an active
  retirement community in Florida for members who have had at least 15 years in the organization.
  Additionally, they have a program called "Tommy Moose", which aids in helping children overcome fears and anxiety during times of stress. Donated to Law Enforcement, Fire, and other Emergency workers, Tommy Moose plush dolls are presented to children in various traumatic situations. Thank you for joining us today, we enjoyed your talk and the lively discussion :-). Please come again!
   NEW MEMBER: Welcome to the Club Jillian Barton. We are very happy to have you and look forward to
   working with you to Serve this Community. Jillian was sponsored by Bob John.
Hatboro Rotary Float (Picture at top of this page) 
In case you missed it! Gary had a "vision" . He was not to be deterred.  Along with our leader Katrina and many helping hands his vision was realized and on a windy Sunday, the "Wagon" traveled the parade route intact loaded with Rotarians, lots of kids and even a dog! Jesse safely pulled the wagon along with 4 wheels on the ground! Listen to our theme song https://youtu.be/RghKdGn8h5A.
More photos of the float on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/126397452268/
Rotary Moment: Bob Powers
This morning we heard a bit more about our town and its history. As this was a major supply route for the British, it seemed appropriate to cut this route off. The Battle of Hatboro (known as the Battle of Crooked Billet was led by a 23 year old General named John Lacey. In 1778, he had 300 men, some armed and some not. The British had 850 men and left Philadelphia with the intent of stopping the Militia from disrupting their supply lines. To read about this Battle, please go to http://battleofcrookedbillet.com/story.htm
Kenyan Water Project. We have raised $9500 to date. With help from Horsham Rotary and a District Grant.
Plastic Sleeping Mats ...Assist our Interact Club to make mats from plastic bags.
Food Pantry.. labeled juice boxes and water bottles to give to Children.
ShelterBox..have raised over $800 toward our next ShelterBox purchase
Scholarship Fundraiser...purchase a wreath, Garland, centerpiece and get 20% back for the Scholarship Fund
Holiday Parade...Rotary was well represented with our "Wagon". Check out the pictures on Facebook.
     SPEAKER: Bob Buck, Eastern Amputee Golf Association
     Adaptive sports have given many people of all ages with a new lease on life. In 1970 Bob had a below
     the  knee amputation but continued playing golf.
      In 1986, he founded the Eastern Amputee Golf  Association (EAGA) which benefits the amputee community.
      EAGA's objective is" to assist in the rehabilitation of amputees and  provide for their general welfare, both physical and psychological, through the medium of golf and its associated activities". They also provide scholarships to qualified applicants who are amputee students and/or children of amputee members. EAGA provides clinics and seminars for both golfers and for rehab and golf professionals . I urge you to follow the link to the EAGA website. It is extremely informative and will give you better insight into the organization and what it does. http://eagagolf.org/index.html   Be sure to click on the Officers tab and read about Bob and the others who run this organization. Thanks Bob, we definitely enjoyed your program!
  SPEAKER: Steve Tazza CEO of Veteran Opportunity Partners a JDog Strategic Development Partner.
 The Philosophy, take care of customers, take care of each other and build profits. Perhaps some of the biggest    challenges to those leaving the service are being letdown, being disunited from others and the community, and missing the brotherhood/camaraderie and closeness of fellow veterans. Through organizations such as Jdog, veterans find a purpose and continue to work together as a team.  JDog is an American owned and Veteran Run organization providing junk removal and other services. For more information about what they do please follow the link http://jdogjunkremoval.com/faqs/. Veteran Opportunity Partners believes under proper stewardship, the most productive tenets of capitalism and military operating ideals can be fused together to achieve great outcomes.  They resolve to create and incentivize career progression opportunities for Military Veterans and like-minded individuals who both share and demonstrate selfless service to customers and to one another.   For more information     http://www.veteranopportunitypartners.com/Thank you for coming Steve.
  • This is Interact week: Every year, Rotary International celebrates World Interact week during the week of November 5th to celebrate the anniversary of the first Interact club founded in 1962. 
  • Jo Sabel from Cabot visited our club today. Cabot cheese is a coop of 1100 Farm Families. Learn more about Cabot on their website https://www.cabotcheese.coop/ . Cabot joins with many nonprofits through their Department of Gratitude, acknowledging the work of volunteers.
  • Holiday Parade Rotary float: Still looking for helpers for our club's float in the parade. Contact Katrina.
  Karen White Kearns Classification Speech: Today we learned more about New Member Karen White Kearns.
Karen was born at Abington Hospital, daughter of Morris White  and Martha (Hetzel). She grew up in Hatboro, attended Meadowbrook Elementary, Loller and Hatboro Horsham. She was active in Future Teachers of America and a member of the HH colored Guard. She graduated from Shippensburg State in 1965 with a BS in Elementary Education and Library Science. She later graduated from the University of Miami with an MS in Instructional Technology. She held positions at Hallowell Elementary School, Rydal Elementary, and Abington. In 1966 she traveled to Europe and to feed her travel bug, she made her own clothes and saved her money. In 1969 she heard about the DODDS program (Department of Defense Dependents Schools) program. Her first assignment was to Japan, where she met and married Mike Kearns. She worked at several places in mainland Japan,and on the island of Okinawa. She also volunteered for the Red Cross. After Japan, their assignments took them to Fort Worth Texas, Penna (while Mike was in S.Korea), Germany (Spangdahlem and Bitburg), Florida, Las Vegas, California, and Georgia. In Georgia, she volunteered at Zoo Atlanta (16 years) as a Docent, Research Librarian and Animal Handler. In 2003 she was the Teacher of the Year. In 2007 she studied and became a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. (this is a type of acupressure). Mike and Karen have no children of their own however she keeps in touch with many of her former students, has hosted 2 foreign Exchange Students (from Germany and Japan). Over the years, they have had 13 cats and 3 dogs (currently 3 cats and 2 dogs). Hobbies include gardening, working with animals, travel and driving MGs. Karen joined Rotary as she was looking for a direction for volunteering and donating of funds where she could see her monies going to good use. She was looking for a way to serve Hatboro. Welcome to the club Karen. We are so glad you joined us!
          SERVICE PROJECT: Lending a hand to the food pantry for Halloween
Speaker: Eric Lindhult P.E. General Manager of Upper Moreland Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority.
Thank you Eric for visiting us this morning and letting us know what changes and activity is going on at the  sewer authority. We appreciate all the efforts to upgrade, save money ,and pay attention to safety for your employees as well as keeping your customers informed. To find out more on the UMHJSA I urge you to log onto their website http://umhjsa.org/. There is a lot of excellent information on the website.
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