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Bruce Dearnley, Blue Bell Rotary
Mukaa Children's Home and Community Water Project. The Mukaa Water Project was a joint project of the Blue Bell Rotary, Hatboro Rotary and a local Kenyan Rotary Club. Primarily this project was conceived to bring water to Mukaa and the surrounding community throughout the year. For 9 months out of the year, there was no water/or very limited water. The goal was to find a water source, drill a well and provide water to both the children's home (110 people) and the community of 2500. Additionally, water storage was provided in the event the pumping station experienced a failure. The well was drilled to a depth of 350 feet, water was clean , drinkable and endless. This is another wonderful example of Rotary cooperation to help make lives better for those they may never have met. As a result, the community, children's home, and schools now have water year round.
Bob Powers Rotary Moment:
Today Bob spoke of Pearl Harbor on this 75th anniversary of the bombing. Bob shared with us his memories of where he was and what he and his family experienced that day. It started out as an ordinary Sunday until "Breaking News" interrupted the local radio program. Lives changed for many that day. Most of us weren't even a thought during that time but many have experienced how life changes when war happens. We have a diverse group of Rotarians, many who have served in time of war. We also belong to a Service Organization that promotes peace and provides for others through local projects and international projects. We may never know those we help and they may never know us. Looking at a working well and the smiling faces of children reminds us of the good that we do around the world.
Dec 16..Holiday Party
Dec 20..Wrapping Party at Hatboro Federal. Bring Scissors!
SPEAKER: Jesse Brookreson "Hatboro Rotary Honoring the Veterans Among Us". This is a link to the power point presentation in case you missed it!
Hatboro Rotary Veterans:
  Lou Parys, Navy .... Aviation Ordinanceman 2nd Class ;
       Served in WWII; was in the Pacific on the
       USS Chandeleur
  Frank Jarrett, Navy...1953-56, Pacific Fleet
  Tom Post, Navy...Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class, USS Shenandoah
  Barbara Schupeltz, Navy...CAPT 1967-1994..Nurse Corps.
  Tom Finerghty, Army... E-5 Fixed UH 1 Helicopters in Vietnam
  Curt Difurio, Army...Reconnaisance Specialist
  Bob Powers, Army...Taught Tank Engine Repair
  Doug Thomas, Army...Specialist E-5 Stationed in
        South Korea (DMZ), Pentagon and Fort Meyers Arlington VA
  George Lewis, Army...Drove a Tank..28th Division 111th Tank Company
  Jack Groves, Army....1st LT in Signal Corps; Trained at Fort Monmouth;
           Deployed to Korea
  Joe Walsh, Marine Corps...Korean War Vet
  David Hower, Army...Army Ordinance 1952-1954,Started in California maintaining tanks
          Transferred to Maryland, Abington Proving Ground to verify weapons
          Back to California, Camp Erwin (10 miles from Death Valley) maintaining tanks
          Sent to Germany where he repaired military trucks
Thank you all for your Service!
Kenyan Water Bottling Project update
  We have raised $3025 thus far. Please remember, the matching program goes to the end of December.
  Checks should be made out to Hatboro Rotary and given to Katrina Sullivan.
SPECIAL PRESENTATION to Rotarian Russ Fairlie
For Faithful Service to the Community, and the Hatboro Rotary.
Russ has been a member of this club for 35 years. He is a Past President, Paul Harris Fellow and has been the driving force behind Lobster Pot.
Rotary has been and continues to be a part of his family..his Father was a Rotarian and his son is a Rotarian. During his tenure as President of this club, Russ help to raise $25000 for Polio Plus. We thank you for your leadership, your service to this community and to this club.
Russ Fairlie and Bob Johnston
Willow Grove Rotary is having an end of year social Dec 29 6-8 at Bertucci's in Huntington Valley. All local Rotarians are invited. $10, super casual!
Dave McPhillips OD and Nancy Delucia representing Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) of Pennsylvania.
The Mission of VOSH is to provide eye care and glasses to the materially poor in developing countries through short term mission trips and the training of local healthcare providers. Currently they are making quarterly week long mission trips to Haiti seeing an average of 2500-3000 patients. Nancy and Dave presented slides of their trip to Genaives Haiti (about a three hour bus ride from Port Au Prince Haiti) where they spent a week examining, providing eyeglasses, and sunglasses, treating acute and chronic eye problems and if available site-restoring surgeries. They work with local health professionals to provide care to those most in need. For more information on VOSH , to donate or to volunteer, go to
Gary presented a check for $500 from the Hatboro Rotary to VOSH.
     SPEAKER:   Ed Hinno, Retired FBI Agent. Ed grew up in Mahanoy City PA, and in 1968 joined the FBI. He spent 22 years as an agent beginning in Savannah GA to Kentucky and then back to Pennsylvania. The FBI had 56 field offices and all Resident Agency Branches came under one of those offices. When the FBI came under Hoover in 1924, they were not permitted to carry fire arms or make arrests.  It wasn't until 1935 that agents were allowed to carry side arms. Thank you Ed for the interesting talk and sharing some of your past cases with us.
Rotary Moment presented by Bob Powers! In its early years Rotary was a men's organization and men were able to bond together as a group to help their communities. Circa 1968 this Rotary club did its first successful project..collecting technical books for a college in Valparaiso Chile. Although no longer a "men's" club, Rotary continues to support their communities in many ways as well as building friendships among people who might never have met if it were not for Rotary. Bob also gave us some insight into the early businesses of Hatboro..Do you remember Roberts and Mander  Stove Building Company? How about AMSCO Toy manufacturing Co? And what about the Bowling Alley on Meadowbrook and Jacksonville Rds? Our town is very rich in History!!
Tom Harbaugh presented a PHF+1 (pin with blue sapphire) to Linda Roehner. Please remember to make your centennial contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
Johnathan Riches acknowledged Katrina Sullivan for all the that she does to support the community and The Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He presented a small brick to her in honor of the support she has given to the Seminary and to the Community.
Congratulations to The Rotary Foundation!  The Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotary—a global network of volunteers committed to improving lives and communities around the world—has been named the 2016 Outstanding Foundation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Please follow this link to read the entire article.
Every Month I receive an email about rotary Youth Exchange. Both Tom and I were very involved in the exchange program for years and to this day keep in touch with many of our past students, their families and those that give so much of themselves to this program. As I was reading the November Blog, I began to look at many of the other articles about polio, interact, promoting peace, providing clean water and a host of other programs. Do you want to know why people join Rotary or what Rotary does, then please go to this blog and read some of their stories.
Please click on the link at the right side of this page to view the Hatboro Rotary Commercial
Highlights from today's meeting:
1. Katrina updated us on the Kenyan water project. We are moving forward with fundraising and applying for a District matching grant. We have reached out to a Kenya Rotary Club near to the proposed project who will provide post funding monitoring of the project. We will have an additional fund raiser in the spring to help support this project.
2. We have made a donation to Blue Bell Rotary for the Interfaith Housing Alliance to help transport homeless families from participating churches from overnight sites to workplace/school.
3. Mike Brookshire is working on Good Citizen Day on May 10th 2017 at the Union League with students from Interact. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mike. For more information about the Union League go to
4.Jonathan Riches and Bob Johnston are looking at ways to advertise about Rotary. Check out the commercial (click the link to the right) Share your thoughts with them.
5. November 20th... Hatboro Thanksgiving Parade. The Boys Scouts are partnering with the Hatboro Parade for annual food collection.
Hatboro Horsham Theatre Club
Jojo Malone, President of the HHHS Theatre Club presented information on the 2nd Annual Night of Fright Halloween Festival held October 29th. In case you missed it the theater students did a spectacular job with the props and acting. I saw lots of happy faces there.
We have established a shelter Box fundraising page for The Rotary Club of Hatboro Pennsylvania. Please visit this page and sign on as a team member. Share with your friends, families and post to your social media pages.
Rob Czyzewicz and Patrick Rosenbaum Co-founders of 20/20 Visual Media.
Everyone has a story to tell and 20/20 Visual Media will help you tell that story whether it is for marketing purposes, educational purposes or fundraising.
Today, video has become a great means to tell your story ,by showing not just telling. Take some time to look at their work on their website
PHF+6  Congrats to Barb on receiving her PHF+6 pin (one ruby)

Ever wonder where our shelter Boxes have gone???
BOXES DONATED BY The Rotary Club of Hatboro (PA), USA
Box number   Destination    Donnation date
6648             Haiti              2009
23461           Niger             2014
17421           Ethiopia         2011
21376           Senegal         2012
      3323         Nairobi, Kenya  2006
      22218           Niger            2013
22220           Niger            2013
      23460           Niger            2014
5459       Quetta, Pakistan  2008
22219           Niger            2013
Speaker: Al Engle has been a Rotarian since 2008. He has a long connection with Rotary though being a Camp Neidig graduate in 1963. He did not join earlier because no one had invited him. He is a coordinator of the Rotary Foundation for our district. He presented background on the Foundation and encouraged further support for it. 
SPEAKERS:Kim Rubinstein and Dawn Tucker from Be a Part of the Conversation.
   Be a Part of the Conversation brings together parents and family, educators, law enforcement, and health providers to help and support young people in addressing substance abuse and addiction. They help build s culture of awareness and support rather than blame, fear, and shame.
President Gary presented Kim a donation of $500 from the Hatboro Rotary for Be a Part of the Conversation
  Tom Harbaugh                                   Katrina receives her PHF Ruby pin
SPEAKER: Tom Harbaugh presented about the Rotary Foundation. The Club has a strong history of supporting the Foundation. We have 70 Paul Harris Fellows and several multiple Paul Harris Fellows.The Foundation continues to do great work over their 100 years, particularly in helping to lead the effort to eradicate polio worldwide. Since 1985 new polio cases have been reduced from 365,000 per year (in 122 countries) to just 21 new cases in three countries so far this year. In this 100th year of the Foundation it is suggested that each Rotarian worldwide make a donation in the amount of $26.50 (or more). This amount is the amount of the first check that was given back in 1917 to start the Rotary Foundation on its way to being one of the world's largest and best run worldwide charities. Our club goal is to have 100% participation in this effort. It is very easy to donate and it can be done in one of two ways:
1) go to and click on the Give button. You can make a one-time credit card donation or you can setup installments in either monthly, quarterly or annual increments. You will have to set up a User name and Password on the Rotary site so that the donation gets credited to your Foundation account 
2) As an alternative, you can write a check payable to Rotary Foundation and give it me and I will be sure it gets sent to the Foundation and credited to your account.
If you decide to make a donation online please let me know so that I keep track of our progress and also follow-up to be sure the donation is properly credited to your account.
Katrina Sullivan was recognized with a ruby pin for giving at the Paul Harris level+6.
Gloria Inlander received a plaque for her 25 years of service to Hatboro Rotary
Bob and Dotty Powers celebrate 65 years of marriage on 9/29
Barb Schupeltz
Wednesday September 21 2016
Despite the slow internet, I sincerely hope you learned a little bit more about navigating the website.
It takes a little practice to get use to moving around the different pages so don't be afraid to click on a link and see what is there.
There are direct links to Rotary International and to District 7430 homepage on the Hatboro Rotary Website.
For those of you who wish to have this site available all the time, there is an app for your phone.
Go to your app store and search "club runner". Get the app, open it and enter your user name and password.
Still have questions? You can always send me an email!
Gary and DG Linda Young
A Warm Welcome to DG Linda Young, Rotary Club of Saucon,Center Valley and AG Greg Hucklebridge, Rotary Club of Warminster. This was the first visit to Hatboro for DG Linda. She spoke about three subjects, Membership, Foundation, and Service. To find out more about what is happening in District 7430 visit DG Linda also spoke about the status of Polio Eradication..a few cases still in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Additionally although Nigeria had been Polio free for over a year, one case has been reported. Keep up the fight! The Rotary Foundation will be celebrating 100 years in 2016-2017. Established in 1917, the first contribution was $26.50. Let's celebrate 100 years by every Rotarian making a donation to the Rotary Foundation. For more info on the centennial visit
DG Linda has a goal of increasing Rotary membership by 100 before her term is up. To accomplish this, she hopes the district will establish 2 new clubs and that every club in the district will increase their numbers.
Remember, " Every Rotarian Makes a Difference and is a Shining Star"
Upcoming Meetings and Speakers:
Sep 21 2016:  Barb Schupeltz; Navigating Our Club Website. Please update address, email and phone number on the website. It would be helpful to have every Rotarian upload their picture to the website.
Thank you Linda Zawadzki 2016 Rotarian of the Year for Norristown Rotary for her work with Rotoplast. Currently chairs the district rotoplast Committee.
Rotoplast was started in 1992 by two San Francisco Physician Rotarians. since that time more then 15000 reconstructive surgeries have been performed throughtout the world. Rotoplast provides these surgeries for free. District 7430 and 7450 work together to sponsor 1 mission a year. The Smiles for Cumana mission this September will send a  team of 30 medical and non-medical volunteers to Cumana, Venezuela to provide free corrective surgery for children born with a cleft of the lip or palate.  On this the 8th Rotaplast mission to Cumana we hope to provide surgery for 100 children. To read more about the mission go to President Gary presented a check for $1000 from Hatboro Rotary to Linda in support of Rotoplast
Mai-Lynn Abel Sahd from Brittany's Hope.
This was an interesting presentation on how Brittany's Hope empowers families and communities to make real and lasting change in the lives of orphaned and special needs children through international special needs adoption grants and humanitarian initiatives. If you haven't read the letter to our club which Katrina sent out, please do! The Home of Hope which provides basic shelter, food , education and clothing for orphaned boys, many from the Kenyan slum area of Kibera is committed to relocating and rebuilding a new home for these boys in the city of Juju. Their current facility is in poor condition and barely livable, having been constructed 11 years ago and now dilapidated.
We as a club are considering partnering with The Rotary Club of Ruiru (District 9212) in Kenya and Brittany's Hope to help with a clean water project which is currently in its initial phase but has stalled due to lack of funding. The water storage building is in place, with  pipes and a filter system installed but there is much more to be done. At our next meeting, Aug 31, please arrive 15 minutes early so we can discuss this project as a club.
   SPEAKER: Our guest today was Rotarian and author Mike Mattie. His book "The Global Addiction to QE: The Most Important Topic Affecting your Retirement: An Investor's Guide". Want to find out more about this book, please click the link to Amazon to find out more about the book and to have a look inside the book itself...
SPEAKER: Joe Kirtcher, President of  Buxmont Meals on Wheels
Bux-Mont Meals on Wheels serves home-bound clients in the Warminster, Hatboro, Horsham and Upper Moreland areas. They provide one hot and one cold meal per day, Monday through Friday each week. Meals are prepared by the Warminster Hospital food service organization and packed and delivered by volunteers.Our clients are asked to pay a nominal fee for service. However, the organization will subsidize payments for those unable to afford the basic fee. Wegman's, WaWa and Carrabas supply food to meals on Wheels and the Hatboro Horsham School district supplied drinks last year. People are referred through their families, social Services Organizations, Hospitals  and as a result of advertisements. Not only does Meals on Wheels provide food for clients but they also serve as health and safety checks especially for those who live alone. They currently have about 80 volunteers but there is certainly room for more. We are proud to present a check for $4000 to Meals on Wheels. Past Presidents Rob Galbreath and Mike Brookshire with Joe.
Names from left to right:
Greg Hucklebridge – Rotary District 7430 Assistant Governor, John Vira - Warminster Rotary Club President, Gary Chamberlain – Hatboro Rotary Club President, Marilyn Hagy – Willow Grove Rotary Club President, Tom Rafferty – Horsham Rotary Club President, Rich Hamilton – Huntington Valley-Churchville Rotary Club Interact Chair.
Speaker: Jim Gardner, Hatboro Chief of Police gave an update on the department. They have 14 officers, and 5 crossing guards working 4 shifts. Progress is being made on the new Police Headquarters and it is expected they will take possession in the first or second quarter of 2017. All officers now carry Narcan, antidote for opiate overdose but to date have not had to deploy any. Hatboro's Night Out will be this Friday Aug 5, 6-9. Thank you Jim for the update.
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