Village Players Night at the Theater
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The club will be teamed up again with the Village Players of Hatboro this year in a production of "Don Juan in Chicago."

(Comedy) Don Juan is a handsome, rich, nobleman in sixteenth-century Spain. His servant Leporello urges him to find a girlfriend and lead a normal life, but the Don is more interested in finding the meaning of life through books and alchemy. Afraid he won’t have time to find it, Don Juan calls up the Devil and cuts a deal that grants him (and Leporello) immortality – as long as Don Juan seduces a different woman every day. Unfortunately, the first woman he seduces is Dona Elvira, his true love. Infuriated by the Don’s abandonment, Elvira cuts her own deal with the Devil: She won’t die until she sleeps with Don Juan a second time. Four hundred years later she catches up with them in present-day Chicago

 The event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 18 at the Hatboro community theater, located at 401 Jefferson Ave.  We will start with a wine and cheese social at 7pm, with the show starting at 8pm.  Tickets will be $15. 

This fundraiser is a great way for us to support the Village Players, as well as raise some meaningful money for our many causes.  The club pays the VIllage Players $450 to rent the theater for the night.  This is their primary way of raising money outside of regular ticket sales.  In return, we get 180 tickets to sell and get to keep 100% of the proceeds.  Last year we raised over $1800 and with good support from the club I am hoping we can raise over $2000 this year.

Throughout the year, Rotarians are called to into many different types of service.  This is one of the few fundraisers that Rotarians can show up and enjoying a relaxing evening with your invited guests .  No work, time, or lobster bibs required!  If we can get each member to sell 4-5 tickets, this will prove to be another successful fundraiser.

I will have tickets with me at our coming weekly meetings.  I hope to sell out in advance so please do not wait until last minute.  Early sales will also allow us to plan better for the social hour.   Please see me with any questions or concerns.  Checks can be made payable to "Hatboro Rotary."