Village Players Night at the Theater
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Incorruptible cover artBy: Michael Hollinger
June (2016) 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25
Directed by: Fran Carroll
Asst. Director: Rosa Lanzisera

(Comedy) Priseaux, France, c. 1250 A.D. A monastery struggles to raise money to help the poor since their patron, Saint Foy, hasn’t worked a miracle in 13 years. Things turn darker when a rival church claims to have the real Saint Foy — and their bones are working miracles. All seems lost until the desperate monks take a lesson from a larcenous one-eyed minstrel, who teaches them an outrageous new way to pay old debts.

Bob DeMarco as Martin
Lorie Baldwin as Peasant Woman
Steve Niles as Olf
Rick Pine as Charles
Tim Schumann as Felix
Keith Malislewski as Jack
Amy Peart as Marie
Nancy Vander Zwan as Agatha