Rotary Speaker today:  Bob Powers – Rotary Minute
Bob shared a portion of the article from the last Rotary Magazine on Diversity on how Diversity is our strength in Rotary.  Different individuals in Rotary who represented our community in different fields were an essential part of the strength in rotary.  He reflected on some moments in his early years with Rotary when club members called on other club members.  Bob shared a few examples, Fred Jarrad represented his expertise in car repair.  When you dropped your car off for the day to be serviced, Fred would give you a loaner car for the day.  Fred Powell would be the “go to” guy for electric work.   The Hatboro Rotary Club is fortunate to have membership at a record high with so much diversity with years of experience to servicing our community.  While age and years of service to Rotary is a great source of diversity for the club, it’s important that we continue to bring in the a younger generation to sustain the Hatboro Rotary diversity.  Stay tuned for the next Rotary Minute for a continued important point.