SPEAKER: Kathleen Gipson, Jarrett Nature Center Coordinator
  Thank you to Kathleen for the informative program on the Hatboro Horsham School District' s Jarrett Nature
  Center. The Center is the school's outdoor classroom and provides an opportunity for  students to visit for       observation, learning and exploration experiences with their classroom teachers. It also provides a
  setting for the community and students to enjoy the natural environment with their families. The Center
  has many programs for families to participate. There is a Pond, woodland area, wetland area and
  meadow. The 13 acres were originally a part of the Jarrett Family Farm and was formally dedicated
  as the Jarrett Nature Center in 2002. Please go to their website for more information on their  
  programs,community events and  history . https://www.hatboro-horsham.org/Page/120  
  During Fall and Spring the center has Green Up days which are great times for families, students and other  
  members of the community to help in maintaining the center...there are jobs for everyone and gloves and tools are available to use. The schedule of Green days can be found on their website.