Jesse presented an interesting video about the song lyrics to "American Pie" written by Don McLean, an American singer and songwriter. Originally released in 1971, it rose very quickly to the top of the charts and was No1 in 1972. The meaning behind the song began started with his reaction to hearing in 1959 that Buddy Holly had died in a plane crash with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper on “the day the music died” . The meaning to the lyrics have long been debated and it wasn't until his original manuscript sold that did its meaning come to light . According to notes written on the manuscript, Don describes it as a morality song that charts the decline of the USA and its loss of innocence. As don has been quoted “I was around in 1970 and now I am around in 2015... there is no poetry and very little romance in anything anymore, so it is really like the last phase of American Pie, he said. The final verse of the recorded version describes a bleak America: the music has gone and even the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are heading for the coast."