Speaker: Matt Edmond, Assistant Director of Transportation & Long Range Planning for Montgomery County and Executive Director of the Montgomery County Transportation Authority.  His primary responsibilities are transportation and administration section management, county transportation policy development, project management, budgeting regional transportation planning, and liaison with other planning commissions.
The services the planning commission provide include professional planning assistance to our municipalities, municipal training, program management, project and plan development, informative publications, and other products.
A staff planner assists communities in planning as well as administrative help with paperwork and connecting communities with other resources.
Current projects:
1.Warminster Rd Bridge...replace this year which will affect traffic patterns as there is not enough room at the bridge to have a passable lane during the project.
2 County Line Rd..... May not be completed for 2-3 more years.
3 Horsham township widening of Blair Mill Rd.
4 BIG project...Turnpike interchange in Willow Grove. Goal: enhance turnpike accessibility, modernize interchanges, more direct connections; better distribute local and regional traffic. (next 5-10 years)
5Eastern Montco interest group; Coordinates projects, speak as one as local municipalities participate and work together.
For more information and to explore what is happening with the Planning Commission and Transportation, follow the link https://montcopa.org/490/Planning-Commission