Kathleen Hagerty from Merakey Foster Care Program was our visitor this Wednesday.
Kathleen is a Family Engagement Specialist with over 15 years of experience in several different roles. Merakey is a not-for-profit developmental, behavioral health, and education provider.  They offer a variety of services to individuals and communities across the country.  They offer these services to 50,000 + people each year at nearly 700 locations, all focused on one goal.  Their programs support individuals with all kinds of needs, from people with addiction or intellectual and physical disabilities to homeless veterans and children in need of homes.  We help people who need someone to support and fight for them.  It’s just the right thing to do.  Their hope is that we’re helping to create communities where everyone can reach their fullest potential.
Kathleen spoke to Hatboro Rotary members about the current state of the foster care system which, in PA, cares for 13,000 - 15,000 children at any point in time. Merakey provides 24/7 to children and their foster care placements and completed 27 referrals in September alone. They also offer training to foster caretakers which includes over 20 hours of training including 1st Aid and CPR. Most foster placement systems are experiencing a lack of individuals who can take placements, most of which consist of children who are older or who come as part of a sibling group that does not want to be separated during their time in care.
For more information please reach out to Kathleen and Merakey at 833-629-2220 or email at: fosterparents@merakey.com
Thank you, Kathleen!