Posted by Gary Chamberlain on May 04, 2022

Sue and Art were born a few months apart in the lower East side of Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, Sue’s parents moved to Brooklyn where Sue learned a new language called Brooklynese. Art’s parents moved to The Bronx where Art learned to speak English. People from Brooklyn think Art’s speech has no charm. When Art was 10 they moved to Brooklyn.
Sue went to Madison High School where she hung out with Carol King. Art went to Erasmus Hall High School and played school yard basketball with Doug Moe.
We both were accepted at Brooklyn College (which was totally free at that time) and started in the Fall of 1958. Brooklyn College is a commuter school and we both lived at home. Sue took a bus to school and Art walked.
Sue knew she wanted to be a teacher and Art knew he wanted to get a PhD in the Sciences. In his sophomore year he decided it would be in Virology. We were serious students but had a lot of fun. Sue was manager of the year book.
We met in the Spring of 1959 at an event put on by Sue’s House plan and Art’s fraternity. In the Fall of 1959 we had a class in common and started dating. We married Thursday, August 16, 1962. On Friday we headed off to
 Buffalo for Art to start his PhD. studies. Getting to Buffalo is a story to be told some other time.
Sue had gotten her teaching certificate for New York City and New York State and had secured a teaching position in Buffalo.
The 5 years in Buffalo were mentally and physically the hardest years of Art’s life. Besides teaching Sue was involved in numerous things. Sue became active in Haddasah and AAUW (American Association of University Women). Sue also took piano lessons from a teacher who was taking lessons from Van Cliburns teacher. In her ‘spare’ time Sue earned a Masters degree in elementary education.
Art got his PhD. in June 1967. With Sue 7 months pregnant we left Buffalo (another story to be told another time) and Art started his job at Merck as a Virologist doing vaccine development. Art retired in 2002 after a 35 year career having contributed to the development of numerous vaccines currently in use. Art was also a founding member of Merck’s IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
We had 3 kids in less than 4 years and in 1969 we bought the biggest house we could afford. It was the 1st and only house we ever lived in. We stayed there for almost 52 years before we moved to Hatboro. The youngest of our
 3 kids is 50 years old. 5 grandkids ranging from from 10-23
During our kids early years Sue was quite busy.
Sue remained active in AAUW, arranging for many author luncheons and was very involved in Hadassah. Sue served as donor chairwoman and then as President of
the local chapter. Sue also did volunteer and homebound tutoring for the Centennial School District. Sue found that she was really good at tutoring math.
Sue knew that she wanted to go back to teaching so again in her ‘spare’ time she went back to school and got her Master’s degree and certification in math. Sue finished a 30 year teaching career in the Council Rock School district in 2003.
In 1970 Northampton opened its first library. Susan was among the very first volunteers-every Wednesday evening for over 50 years. Susan also served on the Library Board for 6 years and was president for 2 years.
As the kids got older they got involved in sports. Art coached many sports and directed a 9-11 year girls softball league.
Susan got on the Board of the Churchville Nature Center and became its auditor. Although Northampton has paid auditors Sue also was on the Township Board of Auditors
 In 1982 Art was elected as a Republican committeeman (before it became the party of Hate). Shortly thereafter Art also joined the Board of the Churchville Nature Center and through his political connections was able to be helpful. Art also served on the Zoning Hearing Board, was an Elected supervisor and then served on the Planning Commission until we moved from Northampton. His main contributions when Supervisor were in the environmental area were Art received the Elected Official of the year Award from the Bucks Count Conservation district. Art also convinced the the rest of the Board to spend an extra $250,000 dollars to build the Community room in the library. He started a Friends of the Library eventually becoming its president.
For a number of years Art coached Special Olympics (basketball and volleyball)
For the last 12 years preceding the Covid epidemic Art served as a volunteer at the Franklin Institute where he explained the exhibits. He also developed a 6 hr course in Vaccines and Public Health which he taught to Scientific Learning Academy students.
Sue and Art belong to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. We have had the privilege of hearing speakers such as Bishop Tutu, Colin Powell, General
 David Petraes, Janet Yellin, President Musharraf of Pakistan and Fiona Hill.
Sue and Art love to travel together, walk together , love to go to March Madness and love to go to New York Yankee games.
Art’s hobbies include playing golf and tennis and sculpting.
Sue’s hobbies include reading, playing Sudoko, bridge and MahJong.
In Rotary we hope to do some worthwhile things and have fun.