Bill Seedes, Executive Leader – Willow Grove YMCA, has over 28 years’ experience in YMCA’s, private health clubs, and medical based facilities.  Has established multiple partnerships to better serve the communities mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  Involved in capital and construction projects at established YMCA’s.  Experience with large memberships (20K plus) and budgets exceeding $8M.  Responsible for the day to day operations, supervising multiple locations while providing community based engagement programs through education and functional implementation practices.  Experience with athletic populations and chronic disease management. Bill is also a fellow Rotarian and currently a member of the Willow Grove Rotary.

So have you been wondering how things are going now that the Y is in willow Grove?? It has grown and continues to grow! We were fortunate to have Bill talk to us today and give us an update on the programs and happenings at the Y. We thought it best to present you all with Bill's power point. It will give you some insight into how things are going. We also urge you to visit the Y website for info on programs, camps, financial aid and you can take a virtual tour of the facility.

Click the link below for the power point presentation.!AsOY9nS46u96qS4zixKYUwhnFdbW?e=JW5wE4

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