Welcome to Bill Walker, Horsham Rotarian and Horsham Township Manager
What's happening in Horsham
  • Sep 1 Tornado..784 Homes were Damaged, 6 were demolished, 62 water rescues and 0 deaths
  • Transportation.. Widening of Blair Mill road from Welsh to 611. Construction will begin next year
  • Penn Lifestyle Campus formerly Penn Business Campus. Allows employees of businesses to rent apartments and enjoy other amenities.
  • Access to Train: 35000 people work in Horsham, many who use public transportation. A shuttle bus service is being established to take people from Lifestyle Campus to Ambler Train Station. Expected to be online Mar/Apr of next year 2022.
  • Turf Fields: At least two ballfields will be upgraded to Turf fields and the one used by Challenger League for those with disabilities will be Miracle Turf allowing for better surfaces for wheelchairs
  • Homes are planned for County Line/Keith Valley..expected to be $900000 and up
  • Update on Base: working with Base to try to use a phase in plan to obtain the land not been affected by the contaminated water to begin building homes. Have been working with Base to try to get an access road through the base so people do not have to drive around the base to get to Norristown Rd.
  • Want to know where the walking trails are in Horsham? visit their website!
There is a lot going on in Horsham. Please visit their website https://www.horsham.org/default.aspx?a=1 to find out more information. Our two communities are closely connected so it is in our best interest to know how things are going and future plans.