THINK LOBSTER!!! We are not the only Lobster lovers. Grove Oklahoma, population 6700 with 100000 visitors who are drawn to Grand Lake o' the Cherokees. The rotary club of Grove is THE club to belong to in grove. In 2018, they had a membership of 180! For years they met at a beloved greasy spoon 6 miles from the town center but in 2011 decided to look for a new place. They tried several places until they settled at a church recreation center. About the time of the move, a member  recommended the club put on a lobster fundraiser at $60 a person. There were skeptics! Who would pay that much??? But pay they did...300 people showed up and the club had a net profit of $35000 which they turned over to the local YMCA which was in jeopardy of closing. The entire community helps out to cook and a result, the club has gotten new members as they learn about what the club does for the community! Bravo Grove Rotary!