We welcome back Chris Mendel to talk about the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.
In existence for 52 years the trust mission is to steward the Pennypack Preserve natural area as an important component of the region’s natural areas network, and to educate and encourage people to appreciate, enjoy, and protect the Preserve’s native ecosystems.
Some of the areas the Trust concentrates on:
  • Open space protection and acquisition: As the steward of 852 acres of protected meadows, woodlands and floodplain forest, the Trust manages Montgomery County’s second-largest privately owned natural area that is open to the public. They continue to purchase open spaces to protect that land from developers. There is definitely competition from groups to purchase land and develop it thus eliminating open space and many of the animal habitats.
  • Habitat Protection: Protecting animal habitats 
  • Maintaining forest areas, trails and reforestation projects
As you can imagine, protection of open spaces and animal habitats takes more staff then the Trust has. There are many opportunities to volunteer with this organization. One of our Rotarians has participated in at least 15 volunteer activit1es at the trust with the Boy Scouts. Last year this club worked with the Trust doing some work in a creek as well as cleaning up the area around the creek. Do you have a skill, want to learn a new skill, have a few free hours a month to volunteer?  There are many opportunities for volunteers both outside and also in the office and visitor center. For more information regarding volunteering please contact volunteer coordinator, Kevin Roth, at kroth@pennypacktrust.org
For more information on the Trust and information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and more please visit their website https://pennypacktrust.org/about/