SPEAKER: Shakia owner of Cyrenity Sips Winery

From Their Website: Welcome to Cyrenity Sips Winery! we're a proud family-owned and operated small batch winery. Right here on our premises, we take care of every step, from manufacturing and bottling to labeling. Our wines are a labor of love, meticulously crafted to capture the unique essence of each grape varietal. To make them even more special, we give each one a name inspired by our dearest relatives and friends. And it doesn't stop there – alongside our 16 staple wines, we offer a delightful array of seasonal varieties. Think Cranberry, Gingerbread, and White Chocolate, perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day. Cheers to the experience at Cyrenity Sips Winery! 🍷🍫🎉Get a group together and sign up for a wine tasting. You won't be Disappointed. Walk-ins are welcome... $12 per person.

When Shakia decided to look into wine making, she went to Virginia Beach to study the craft of winemaking. She and her husband knew they wanted a small based winery. So they began looking for an area and found Hatboro! We are so glad she liked our little town!