SPEAKER: DG Diane Donaher
What a refreshing and fun morning with District Governor Diane. (seen here with President Lisa).
Listening to DG Diane reminds us of how far we have come to integrate women into Rotary. In 1989 the council on Legislation voted to allow women and by 1990 there were over 20000 women in Rotary. In 1987 the Rotary Club of Duarte elected the first female club president. We continue to evolve with women in Rotary. We have a Female DG, and Last year we saw the FIRST Female President of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones. We are all witnessing history. (stay tuned, the Next President will be a female from Pennsylvania!!)
The current President of Rotary International is Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland, . McInally is a graduate of dental surgery at the University of Dundee and owned and operated his own dental practice in Edinburgh.
Pres. Gordon's vision is to create Hope in the World. He believes we are a Beacon of Hope for others. We can create hope in the world in everything we do, especially by working for peace and mental wellbeing. He urges members to engage in tough conversations and earn the trust that’s necessary to realize these values. DG Diane is recognizing a member of every club she visits by presenting them with a small Beacon. Our congrats to Rotarian Gary on receiving a Beacon from the DG!! 
We continue to concentrate on Membership to build our clubs. We also continue to support Rotary Foundation which uses that money to help around the world. It is easy to donate by using Rotary Direct. You specify how much you wish to donate each month and it is automatically taken out of your account. Thank you so much for visiting our club and for visiting us at Lobster Pot