SPEAKERS: Eileen and Lorena from the Literacy Council of Norristown,
Founded in 1984, The mission of the Literacy Council of Norristown is to improve lives and strengthen families in Greater Norristown and Montgomery County by providing adult literacy and English language programs. Prior to the pandemic, there were other organization engaged in literacy program. Post pandemic, that number dropped, and the council gained about 500 people. What do they teach? Basic reading, language, math writing, GED and other programs. Each student has a mentor/teacher who works directly with that student.  There is required training to become a tutor after which the tutor will be matched up with a student. Currently there are over 100 volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, fill out an application on their websitehttps://www.lcnlit.org/ Please visit their website as well as their Facebook page to learn more and read about student successes. There are some very inspiring stories.
  • 2-hour Tutor Orientation Class
  • (4) 3-hour Tutor Training Workshops (total training = 13.5 hours)
In 2022, LCN launched its Family Literacy initiative. Since then they have shared over 15,000 books in Norristown! Thinking of getting your GED,,the literacy tutors can help you achieve your goal! Please visit their website to learn more. Tutoring is Free!!! (as an aside, one of our Rotarians just completed her training and is waiting to be assigned a student. Congrats Barb R).