Posted by Robert Johnston on Oct 16, 2019

Hatboro Rotary Meeting 10/16/19--Bosses Day

Fred Moskowitz from Liberties Management Corporation gave a rousing presentation to the club this morning on "Taking Networking to the Next Level". Some key points from the presentation :
--Who can you call at 2 AM if you needed help? Who would call you at 2 AM if they needed help?
--Strategies for "connecting": What is the image of yourself you present to others? Dress, appearance, handshakes are first impressions. Be yourself, genuine but above all else be a positive person .
--How do you build relationships: You could cold call people or get introduced by someone. Best method is to get others to know of you first , before you meet them.
--How to get other to know you first: write articles, join Rotary, get involved in leadership of Rotary, social media and join the rapidly expanding world of Podcasts. Who listens to the Hatboro Rotary podcasts that our President does each month?
Club News:
Jarred once again asked tough trivia questions but the club guessed 3 out of 5 correct this week so our average is improving..but we missed "EARTH".
KA-Boom event this past week at the new YMCA was a huge success but only downside was Kimberly Chamberlain was injured during cleanup and was taken to Abington Hospital. Give her a shout out if you have time. Appears to be a "simple" fracture of her arm/elbow --who ever came up with that term simple fracture has never had one. Nothing simple about any cast in my opinion...but the investigation into how this injury happened is still ongoing...some folks are pointing fingers at Gary but that's just a rumour. (Check that spelling folks and think of that accent Gary has at times then check your dictionary if you still have one). Rotarians helping out this past Saturday were Nancy Guenst, Barb Schupeltz, Bob Johnston and potential new member Andrea Myers. Andrea was voted honorary Team Leader as she knew more about building the deck than our assigned "Team Leader". Fun was had by all who attended.
Volunteers are needed for the Rotary Tent to hand out candy during the Hatboro Halloween Stroll--call Jill--no costume needed but if you have one...bring it!
Float--Who wants a float? We want a float the Hatboro holiday parade..sign up next week or call Jesse when you finish reading this! He promised to built the biggest, "baddest" float in the parade and almost pulled a Doug Peterson reference when he "guaranteed" the club taking the trophy for the best float. ( He also slipped Kathy $5.00 !)
Today is Bosses Day ! If you have one, and who doesn't, wish them well before you leave work today or before you get home :)