Hatboro Rotary members and their guests enjoyed an evening of solidarity at Cyrenity Sips in Hatboro, PA this Wednesday. Those in attendance enjoyed sampling the 18-piece menu of winery owner, Shakia Williams, with wine names ranging from "Cyan" (a cotton candy wine that included edible glitter) to "Pink Jawn" (Shakia's personal favorite; made from "foxy" grapes indigenous to Pennsylvania that hold a semi-sweet tone with bold grapefruit flavor).
You can read more about Cyrenity Sips by clicking on this link which includes information on their history and menu options.
You can read more about owner Shakia Williams and her pathway to becoming a historic addition to Pennsylvania by clicking on the link included here. Speaking with her this evening, opening the winery was a New Year's resolution 2 years ago that came to life and we are happy to have been in attendance to support the continuation of that resolution.
As Hatboro Rotary is a non-profit organization, Cyrenity Sips was able to waive their usual rental fee and our club received 20% of all bottle sales for the evening. Thank you to all of the attendees for their support of our organization, and for their support of one of our local businesses!