Rotary! Growing young leaders since 1950 when only boys attended. In 1961 when Districts split, the newly formed District 7430 continued the Camp and renamed it Camp Neidig in honor of it's founder Joseph Neidig (District Governor of District 2654). In 1990, females were invited to camp for the first time, as Camp Neidig became a co-educational leadership experience. 
Hatboro was fortunate to send 2 HHHS Juniors to Camp Neidig and this morning we heard about that experience. Hope and Milka were both juniors at Hatboro who attended this year's camp and to listen to them speak, you know they had a great time and learned a lot about Leadership. Originally hoping and "vowing" to stay together during the three days, their hopes did not become a reality! When they arrived at camp, they were put in separate groups (Tribes). There were many activities during the 3 days such as guest speakers, problem solving and workshops. As one attendee put it "it forces you to get out of your comfort zone". They did have competitions between "tribes". but friendships were formed with other attendees regardless of what Tribe you were in. "You realize that People you didn't know bring out the best in you". Throughout the weekend, campers participated in a series of problem-solving stations that both mentally and physically challenge them to work as a team. ‚Äč‚ÄčEach problem-solving activity is designed to test and refine specific leadership skills. One of our students was in a problem-solving group that planned the closing ceremonies. ( which is presented to parents and guests at the end of camp). One of our students commented that she learned a lot about talking with people of all races, abilities and disabilities. Both students feel they have gained leadership tools they will build on as they enter their senior year. Going forward, they both plan on spreading the word and encouraging next year's juniors to apply. Want to know more about Camp Neidig?
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The girls with their Moms! Hope is middle left and Milka middle right (permission given by parents to post picture)