.  Marshall Davis, of Davis Law in Bucks Co., spoke about law and non-profits.
Davis Law of Bucks County includes service for non-profit and tax-exempt entities and offers assistance in leadership for 501C organizations. 
Hatboro Rotary is a 501C4 organization which indicates it is also a social organization.  Dues are not deductible.
Club News:  Jared asked less difficult trivia questions this week.
                      Jonathan Riches reminded us that an email was sent to members advertising Lynch Creek Wreath Sales for the upcoming holidays.  15% of sales goes to the scholarship fund.
                      Saturday morning, 26th, is Skeleton Scurry.  Contact Kathy Salemno if you can help.  Registration is @ 9:00.  The run begins at 9:30.
                      Saturday afternoon, 26th, from 2:00 - 4:00 is Hatboro's Halloween Stroll.  Contact Jillian Barton if you can help.
                      Thursday, 24th, is World Polio Day.
                      We WILL be meeting the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.