Sara's story:Sara Burke was a vibrant, energetic, fun-loving five-year-old. She loved arts and crafts, mac ‘n cheese, music, her Big Wheel, and her big brother and big sister. On July 6, 2007, Sara was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. She underwent many surgeries, chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, and procedures of all sorts. Sara’s initial brain surgery left her with significant deficits such as left-sided weakness and double vision. Sara worked very hard in a variety of therapies to regain her strength, coordination, and independence. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia became a home away from home for Sara and her family. She and her mother lived there for seven months. Tragically on May 12, 2008, Sara lost her courageous battle with cancer (taken from Saras Smiles website)
Sara's Smiles foundation was established in 2008 and became a 501(3C) in 2011. The Foundation
is committed to helping children who are battling cancer live every moment to the fullest. Sara’s Smiles Foundation believes that children can be empowered by taking an active part in their experience. They believe fear can be eased by helping children and their families better understand their journeys.
Sara’s Smiles offers resources that not only educate, but also create a positive, personal environment. On their website there is a user-friendly list of organizations that support and advocate for children with cancer as well as websites for games, arts and crafts, stress management, and pain relief. 
Inspiration Kits: This organization delivers 700-800 Kits per year to children with cancer. The kits are portable and practical. They are filled with items such as small toys, pads for art and self-expression, a file folder for paperwork and keepsakes, an item of room décor, fun, cozy socks, and much more. Kits are free and distributed through hospitals affiliated with Sara's Smiles or can be ordered by individual families.
For more information about this Foundation please visit their website, it is full of very useful information!