We welcomed John to Rotary this morning to speak about mental health.
As a former police officer, his focus has always been on helping other first responders and veterans. His background, training and experience give him a unique understanding of the culture, challenges and stressors of being a first responder. (John specializes in treating first Responders and Veterans.) You often see an increase in depression and anxiety in these 2 groups of people. 
There are certainly other groups that bare mention. As a result of the pandemic restrictions and seasonally the Holidays. there is definitely an increase in depression. It is important for families to watch for behavioral changes in their children and also to reach out frequently. It is important for families, not merely one person to address the issues and help the individual to seek out help. You cannot force someone to seek out help, but you can support and encourage them. There are many resources available. Some of the problems getting a therapist is the fact that many do not accept insurances but are cash only services but will often work with you on payments. Be especially aware of children's behaviors. Keep in mind that during the pandemic children spent many hours/days alone often missing out on "normal" childhood activities. They are very vulnerable to depression. You can access John's website at https://www.guardianrecovery.info/ Thank you John for an interesting talk this morning. .