Maddy is the Community Outreach coordinator for Angel Flight East (AFE), a nonprofit organization whose Mission is to provide free air transportation to qualified patients and their families by arranging flights to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas, and reuniting families during desperate times. AFE was founded in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew. During 1993 AFE flew 17 flights, today they fly greater then 900 to 950 flights a year.
AFE serves the Northeastern region of the United States, and for destinations beyond their reach, they link with other volunteer pilot organizations. Anyone who requests a flight must be medically stable, able to board an aircraft, and fly in a small non-pressurized aircraft. One companion may accompany an adult patient and 2 companions may accompany a child. volunteer Pilots use their own aircraft for a mission and assume all costs of the flight including fuel, landing fees and other expenses such as liability insurance.
It is not only patients that may be flown by AFE. During the Pandemic, volunteer pilots flew several missions to deliver personal protect equipment (PPE) to dozens of medical and rural area facilities. Some items delivered included face masks, hand sanitizer and more. (Some of those flights were over 400 miles.)
How to request a flight: please visit the AFE website for more information not only about requesting a flight but the length of time it takes to get a flight, documents required and information for patients. This is a wonderful organization and I urge you to explore the AFE website.Thanks, Maddy