Speaker: Laura Williamson
It was a pleasure to have Laura with us this morning to talk about the Montco Trail Challenge and the goal to get people in Montgomery County Moving! So, turn off the TV, get the dog and a couple of kids and get out and walk!!  The 2024 challenge runs from April 27 to December 2, 2024. you can register online. There are 18 trails participating and 3 open spaces so you can choose a trail somewhere else and still get credit. There are those who have recorded having better mental health as a result of participation. You can walk, run, bike, skip or just find the trail, mark down the symbol and leave. The goal is to get people outside and moving! Many of the trails connect so you can do more than one trail at a time. I have personally done the Challenge twice and I can honestly say I always felt better. I called it my Happy Place! My dog loved walking the trail, sniffing new smells and rolling in the grass. Every trail has a symbol which you need to record to get credit. Symbols could be a fox, a deer or many other animals. Part of the fun was always trying to find the symbol!!   For more information www.montgomerycountypa.gove/challenge