We were pleased to have Rotarian Bill with us this morning to provide an update on the Challenger Little League Miracle Field. The Miracle League is a nonprofit which allows those people with disabilities an opportunity to play baseball. It would only take one time of watching a game, hear the laughter and know how important this is to people with disabilities. If you are not familiar with a "Miracle Field", it is a fully accessible rubberized field for athletes of all ages with physical and cognitive disabilities. The rubber turf surface can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, or braces allowing people of all abilities to play baseball.
Since Bill last visited us when this was "just" an idea, they have raised over 1.8 million through grants, fundraisers, and individual donations.(the original estimate was 2 million to build the field) Next to the site of the field, the township will expand the paved parking lot and designate 25 handicap spots: a restroom will be close by and a children's play area.
 This field in Deep Meadow Park in Horsham will be built so that in the future, Wounded Warriers will also be able to use the field. Right now there are 3 Miracle fields in PA . The Miracle Field Board has projected that the field will open in Sept 2024. If you would like to donate and read more about the Miracle field, please click on the link https://horshammiraclefield.com/
Thank you Bill for the update! Click the link above if you would like to make a donation