Rotarian Barb R. brings you Rotary Moments:
  • Women in Pakistan are working as female vaccinators to end polio in their communities.  In a region where women are considered second-class citizens, this work is both challenging and dangerous.  Women deliver polio vaccines, vaccinate and educate about polio.  They also work as doctors, supervisors and decision-makers.  Rotary supports the efforts of these brave and dedicated women by establishing Rotary Polio Resource centers in their communities.
  • The Rotary Club of Kaka’ako Eco, Hawaii pulled their resources to help clean the water in the canal in Waikiki.  The goal was to rehabilitate the waterway to make the water safer for fishing and swimming. The club made mud balls of soil, molasses, rice bran and water, fermented them for 3 weeks then had over 200 volunteers help throw them into the canal.  The mud balls contain healthy bacterial that digest and oxygenate the sludge at the bottom of the canal.  
  • Today, April 19th, is the 155th anniversary of Paul Harris’ birth. Paul Harris was the founding father of Rotary.  Before his death, he requested that donations be made to the Rotary fund, in lieu of flowers.  This money was used for the first Rotary Foundation program to provide scholarships for graduate study abroad. Today, a Paul Harris fellow is a Rotarian recognized as an individual who contributes, or who has contributions made in their name, of $1000 or more to the Rotary Foundation.