WHO ARE SECOND ALARMER'S? Career and volunteer highly trained Paramedics who provide high level pre-hospital emergency medical care, rescue and related services in a compassionate and professional manner to the community. 

We were fortunate to have John Hill and Ken Davidson (Assistant Chief) with us today. Although founded in 1938 services didn't start until after WWII. They have 5 stations including Hatboro, Willow Grove, Edge Hill, Elkins Park, and Whitpain. Four of those stations are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week. With 20 vehicles (7 are Advanced life support ambulances (ALS), they are able to provide much needed emergency services to the communities. Last year, they made 13000 runs. To view their monthly statistics for each area, please go to their website http://www.sars.org  

During the talk this morning, John shared what was in their "red bag" backpack which they carry on every call. Some of the items in that bag include medications, glucometer, IV start kit, sharps container, hot/cold/ packs, emesis container and much more. (This is a very short list of items). The most frequent calls are for falls, and shortness of breath and heart problems. With the equipment they carry, they are able to run EKGs and determine whether someone has a heart problem needing immediate care thus facilitating faster treatment. so don't ignore that chest pain!!