What is PACT? PACT for Animals is a 501c3 nonprofit. Betsy oversees a program in all 50 states to foster pets of active duty service members and Veterans and those who may have a temporary medical condition that will hinder their ability to care for their pet. Single Military members are often faced with what to do with their pet when they receive orders to a duty station where they cannot take the pet. This is where PACT can help. They accept all types of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, turtles, ferrets, fish and more. In this country about 400 animals are being fostered and about 80% of them are dogs. PACT follows the request from a service member from beginning to when the member returns home. Contact is maintained with the foster throughout the process. Profiles are set up of the owner and animal including vet records of the pet; interview with the owner, copy of the owners orders and identifing a foster home. There is a legal contract between owner and Foster family/person and also a Point of Contact (POC) is identified in case an owner is unreachable,( This might occur if there is a emergency with the animal.) Pet owners are responsible for all costs associated with their pet including food, medicine, vet visits and more. PACT will monitor and be in contact with a foster family on a monthly basis until the member returns. Many questions about this program can be answered on the PACT website including information for owners, requirements for owners and for foster volunteers. There is an application form on the PACT website which can be used for both the Military member and for those applying to be a foster. Please click on the link below to access the PACT website https://pactforanimals.org/about-us/
If you know a service member/veteran who would benefit from this service please refer them to PACT.  Thank you Betsy for speaking with us today!!