Speaker: Dr. Tony Mapes (retired)
  • For Every $1000 donated to the Rotary Foundation, you will receive a Paul Harris Medal. For each $1000 donated after that, you will receive a pin recognizing what level you are on. (i.e PHF+1, PHF+2 and so on)
  • Money donated to Foundation is used for many Rotary Programs such as Peace Scholarships, Polio Plus and others. Rotary began the effort to rid the world of Polio in 1979. Since that time many other organizations have partnered with Rotary to immunize children around the world. Efforts are paying off, only two countries have had new cases.. Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Rotary Youth Exchange..This is a wonderful program for youth who go to a foreign country for a year, live with host families, sponsored by a Rotary Club in that country, attend school, learn the language, meet students from other countries and have a multitude of experiences.  
Tony's Bio:
Tony lived in the states for six years and then went to Switzerland for 12 years. His parents worked for the World Health Organization. He is married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He has a Masters in Biology;
went on to Dental School and became an orthodontist with a practice in Hatboro. He is now retired and loves painting.