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Hatboro Rotarians helped HAT pack volunteers pack 376 bags of food for local children that face food insecurity.
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The H.A.T. (Helping Around Town) Packs program partners with public schools, community organizations, local congregations, business, and individual contributors, to help fill weekend hunger gaps. Through monetary, food and resource donations, the H.A.T. Packs program provides packs filled with non-perishable breakfast, lunch, snack, and beverage items to school children, and their siblings, who face food insecurity—in-between the school bell
Once again, we participated in Boodle Brigade sending Boxes to Soldiers stationed in Korea. This year we had enough for 8 boxes (up fron 2 last year!!) 


Rotarians around the world chose projects that truly put service above self. Here are just a few that we’re highlighted in The past month:

  • In Bowling Green, KY, a tornado and subsequent electrical fire destroyed the African American Museum. The Rotary Club acquired a $10,000 disaster relief grant from their district to donate to the museum. In addition, a dozen local rotarians attended workshops on archiving and helped the museum restore its artifacts.

  • In Jamaica, the Rotary Club of Kingston learned there is a shortage of housing for people with limited mobility. With donations from the Rotary Club of Naples, in Florida, the club was able to refurbish a housing complex. They were able to raise the heights of toilets, add support bars in the restrooms and install new countertops, sinks and kitchen cupboards to improve accessibility.

  • In Portugal, the Rotary Club of Almancil International is dedicated to serving the needs of youth, especially those with autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome. Members sponsor activities such as surfing lessons and animal therapy. Recently, they raised money to build a sensory room at a local school. The sensory room includes state-of-the-art music, sensory lights and a soothing waterbed that helps to calm students, improve visual and auditory skills and regulate their behavior.

SPEAKER: Tess Robinson
Tessa is the Commnications Specialist for Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board
"Our mission is to engage and interact with, encourage patronage of, and provide networking opportunities for businesses representing the tourism and hospitality industry in Montgomery County, PA to promote convention and leisure visitation at the county’s hotels, attractions, restaurants, retail stores, golf courses, sports, meetings, and arts and culture venues." (taken from their website) Currently 3 Hatboro businesses are members of this tourism board. If you visit the website, http://valleyforge.org. You can find a list of towns,events, restaurants, Hotels; and more information about things to do and see in the Montco area. I saw things on this page that I had no idea existed. Get out of the house and Explore Montco! Many places are not far away!
Thanks Tessa for the information especially about out area.

Rotary statement on the conflict in Israel and Gaza

Recognizing there has been protracted suffering in the long history of conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, Rotary International urges all parties to seek avenues to peace.

At the same time, we unequivocally condemn the horrific attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians and are appalled at the number of people who have been injured, killed, and kidnapped.

As the war between Israel and Hamas intensifies, we remain deeply concerned about the potential for further escalation as well as the loss of life and the humanitarian crisis that is occurring in Gaza. We denounce the violence against innocent civilians and support upholding international humanitarian law.

Peacebuilding is both a cornerstone of Rotary’s mission and one of our areas of focus. At our core, Rotary is a common ground for people to come together – across nationalities and religions, cultures and histories – and connect around their shared belief in a better tomorrow. That connection is what humanizes us in times of conflict and builds a foundation for lasting peace.

Rotary remains committed to working with our members, partners, and communities to find long-term, sustainable solutions that support peace and development in the region and elsewhere.

  • Happy Rotary Anniversary to Russ 46 years in Rotary on 25 Nov
  • Happy Rotary Anniversary to Jillian 6 years in Rotary on 22 Nov
  • Hatboro Annual Holiday Parade 2-4, Sun. November 19th. Hatboro Rotary will be in the parade. Please let Lisa know if you will be walking with Rotary.
  • HAT Packs night will be AFTER Thanksgiving at 5:30pm on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. The pack will be held at Pennypack Community Center. Please let Lisa know if you will be attending.
  • SAVE THE DATE! Hatboro Rotary Holiday Party will be held on Wednesday December 6th, 2023, Details to follow.
  • ROTARY ANNIVERSARY:      Alex 4years
  • BIRTHDAYS:                            Katrina Nov 12 ; Marty Nov 14
  • Wedding Anniversary:      Don and Karyn Nov 15
                                                  Congrats to all!
  • Thoughts go out to Jesse and to Art..Get Well Both of you. Many prayers of healing!              
  • Service Above Self! Hatboro Rotarians working with Pennypack Trust to “free the trees” of vines along the Pennypack Creek. Way to go, Hatboro Rotary!May be an image of 6 people
  • BOODLE BRIGADE: It is that time of year! Time to send Boxes of caring to Service Members overseas. Barb R heads up this project. Recently Lisa sent out an email with the link to what is needed.  If you can't find it, give Barb R a call!
  • Recently Lisa Visited our boy Scout Troop 17 to present them with a donation from their Rotary Club!
  • Plant trees! Lets Help the Borough!!
    When: November 18th at 9:00 AM
    Where: Pennypack Center, 130 Spring Avenue, Hatboro
    Pre-register at Borough Hall
  • No Meeting Wed before Thanksgiving!
Veterans Day is November 11.
We would like to Thank and Honor those Club Rotarians who Served.
Hatboro Rotary Veterans
  • Frank Jarrett: Served between 1953 to 1956 in the US Navy’s United States Pacific Fleet.
  • Nancy Guenst: Served between 1977 to 1979 in the US Army as an analyst and German translator at Field Station Berlin. 
  • Alex Myers: Served in the US Army as a Korean Linguist in California and at the former Willow Grove Joint Naval Air Base as an Intelligence Analyst.
  • Tom Finerghty: Served between 1969 to 1971 in the US Army as a Rank E-5 (Sergeant). Tom served in the 1st Calvary Division Air Mobile, stationed in Phuoc Vinh Combat Base, Vietnam. Tom was as a Helicopter repair technician working on Huey Gunships.
  • Barbara Schupeltz: Served for 27 years between 1967 to 1994 in the US Navy. Barbara served at Camp Pendleton, Yokosuka Japan, Adak Alaska,  Oakland CA, La Maddalena Sardinia, San Diego, Key West FL, Naples Italy, Okinawa Japan. She served in several capacities such as staff nurse, Ward Charge nurse, Supervisor, and Director of Nursing Barbara retired as a Captain in 1994
  • Mike Kearns: Served for 21 years in the US Air Force. His service included a year of reconnaissance In the EB66 over Vietnam, Mike received the Distinguished Flying Cross for one of those missions. Other places he served flying the F4 Phantom were Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Germany, Spain and Turkey. U.S. bases included Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Texas. Mike retired as a Major in 1987.
Thank you for your service....You make us proud as you continue to serve your country and communities as Rotarians.

Matt presented to the club on The Science of Pain:

  • Pain is a necessary and essential part of life. It's a good thing…really!

  • Pain is a complex phenomena meant to act as a temporary deterrent to potentially harmful stimuli.

  • Pain is absolutely context dependent and a subjective experience. 

  • The longer pain exists, the less likely it is directly attributable to a specific pathology/injury.

  • Physical changes within the brain occur with chronic pain (pain in existence >3 months) that can perpetuate the pain experience.

  • An elevated sensitivity to a region can be modified in many ways.  Physical therapists use several modalities for treatment, education and movement are the primary.

  • The brain is plastic - we can readily make changes in its wiring, resulting in reduced pain levels.

Matt Fackner https://www.willowgrovept.com/


SPEAKER: DG Diane Donaher
What a refreshing and fun morning with District Governor Diane. (seen here with President Lisa).
Listening to DG Diane reminds us of how far we have come to integrate women into Rotary. In 1989 the council on Legislation voted to allow women and by 1990 there were over 20000 women in Rotary. In 1987 the Rotary Club of Duarte elected the first female club president. We continue to evolve with women in Rotary. We have a Female DG, and Last year we saw the FIRST Female President of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones. We are all witnessing history. (stay tuned, the Next President will be a female from Pennsylvania!!)
The current President of Rotary International is Gordon R. McInally, a member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland, . McInally is a graduate of dental surgery at the University of Dundee and owned and operated his own dental practice in Edinburgh.
Pres. Gordon's vision is to create Hope in the World. He believes we are a Beacon of Hope for others. We can create hope in the world in everything we do, especially by working for peace and mental wellbeing. He urges members to engage in tough conversations and earn the trust that’s necessary to realize these values. DG Diane is recognizing a member of every club she visits by presenting them with a small Beacon. Our congrats to Rotarian Gary on receiving a Beacon from the DG!! 
We continue to concentrate on Membership to build our clubs. We also continue to support Rotary Foundation which uses that money to help around the world. It is easy to donate by using Rotary Direct. You specify how much you wish to donate each month and it is automatically taken out of your account. Thank you so much for visiting our club and for visiting us at Lobster Pot
  • The Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra, California hosted a webinar about the need for stem cell donors, particularly donors from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Blood stem cells can be used to treat and cure more than 75 diseases, including leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, inherited immune-deficiency disorders and aplastic anemia. Lack of diversity among donors is a problem because the success of stem cell transplants is dependent on the match of specific genetic markers, and the chances of a match are higher if they are the same ethnicity. A Rotarian from Austin, TX saw the webinar, documented his stem cell donation and, partnering with the organization “Be the Match”, is now spreading awareness to Rotary Clubs nationwide about the stem cell donor registration drives.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace, one young person at a time. As a student in the Rotary Youth Exchange program, a young person can learn a new language, discover another culture, and truly become global citizens. Exchanges for students ages 15-19 are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries.
  • *This past summer has seen an unusual amount of climate disasters in many parts of the world. Rotary members across the globe have taken action to aid victims of extreme heat, wildfires, and floods. The Rotary clubs of Rhodes in Greece have started two fundraisers that have raised more than $10,000 for victims who have been displaced by wildfires in Greece. Rotary clubs across Pakistan have worked together to rebuild villages that have been destroyed by massive flooding in their country. Rotary clubs in Korea lending a helping hand to clean out homes that have been destroyed by heavy rains and landslides in July.
Katie is currently the District Foundation Chair for District 7430. Today however, she shared some information regarding her journey to becoming DGE. A member of Warminster Rotary, she got involved at the District level  as the foundation chair. Our district 7430 has 45 Clubs and 1164 in Zone 32 (our zone). Katie shared the many conferences, meetings and places she had to travel to as DGE.. The goal for any DG is to help support and strengthen Clubs and inspire people to action. Currently Rotary has a Vision Statement and Action Plan. The Action Plan will concentrate on 4 areas. Impact, Reach. Engage and adapt. Taking Action for Change., the basic theme of the Action Plan. Thanks Katie for the information.   
Happy Birthday to Karen Oct 13...
Happy Anniversary to Darlene and Dennis Oct 15
This morning Sarah and Tammy took some time out of their busy schedule to provide some feedback to us on how our Christmas program helps the students. The school isaTitle 1 school so they do have a number of students in need out of the 500 they serve. Already several families have reached out for help around the holidays both for Christmas and winter coats. It was wonderful to receive feedback on our program. Parents have thanked the school for providing for their children who might not have received anything without our help. We love helping our schools!!
Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Barb S Oct 1 and Lisa G Oct 6
Anniversaries: Congratulations to Tom B and Renata Oct 6
Rotary Anniversaries: Congratulations to:Tom F Oct 1 40 years; Bob J Oct 8 48 years

The SETI Institute & Kutztown University
Established with: SETI Education Staff, & District Rotarians
Complete with: State of the art labs & equipment, a planetarium, observatory, dorms & cafeteria for the students.

STEM-based education delivers more than science and mathematics concepts. The focus of STEM curriculum on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps develop a variety of skill sets that our modern world depends upon. 21st-century skills include media and technology literacy, productivity, social skills, communication, flexibility, and initiative. Other skills attained through STEM education include problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure, and more. Regardless of the future career path these children consider, these skill sets go a long way to preparing them to be innovative and positively contributing members of society. We seek to deliver an immersive STEM curriculum that sparks intellectual curiosity and a love of lifelong learning. STEM is critical to building a more secure future based on science, humanity, and understanding commensurate with Rotary International.

Our guest speakers today were Lisa ( HHS Faculty) Evan and Billy HHS students who attended this year's academy. The them of this year's academy: Astro Biology, search for Mars. Some of the things the students researched: the size of the solar system; tested different hypotheses; DNA testing ; Mars Rover (square wheels?). They did have  evening Movie Night but the Movie usually connected to the pregram . One movie was "Hidden Figures". To learn more about the program go tohttps://stemyea.com/index.html

"Astrobiology, the Search for Life on Mars"


Introduction to Mars

Mars in the Night Sky

Scale of the Solar System

Planetary Features

  • Rift valleys, hydrology, volcanos, lava tubes, craters, atmosphere, temperature

Life on Mars

Getting to Mars

Mission Briefings and Objectives for projects

  • Energy

  • Communication

  • Food/medical/water

  • Transport


SPEAKER: Deputy Chief Mark Ruegg
We were honored to have Deputy Chief Ruegg with us today. Mark was hired in 2003, became a patrol SGT in 2012 and is now Deputy Chief slated to take over the reins from Chief Gardner when he retires. Mark lives with his family in Blue Bell, has three children, coaches children and believes in connecting and working with the community. Hatboro Police department is Service oriented and are committed to providing the highest quality of public safety and law enforcement services by empowering their members and the community to work in partnership with the goal of improving the quality of life within the Borough of Hatboro, while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. What can we expect in the future: greater use of technology available to police officers, mentorship, hiring quality police officers and establishing more ties to groups such as Rotary. He would love to see all his officers visit Rotary so we can get to know each other better. As a group, we support and love this idea. Working together for the betterment of our community. We are fortunate that our Borough Council works well with the Police department and is as eager to hire high quality officers as are the members of the PD.
Our Police officers are "people" oriented, willing to assist a resident whenever needed. The police Department is open 24 hours a day and will gladly answer any question you
may have. https://myhatboro.org/police-department/.  We look forward to building an even stronger relationship with the PD as well as doing some joint programs to benefit the community. Thanks for joining us today Deputy Director...you are always welcome to join us on Wed. morning!
On Saturday Sept 9 at our Lobster Pot event, Presedent Lisa on behalf of Hatboro Rotary was proud to present checks to the following organizations:
                 Hatboro Troop#3
                 Willow Grove YMCA
                  Hat Packs
                   Lehman Food Pantry
There are som many photos of Lobster Pot I have only posted a few on this page (link is to the right).
HOWEVER there are many on facebook both on our page and the pages of many other. Please click on our facebook page link just below our banner!
Thank you to everyone who attended....we hope you had an enjoyable evening despite the rain but then again the rain makes for great stories going forward!!smiley
SPEAKER: Tim Conniff, Comedian, MC, Key Note Speaker
We were fortunate today to have Tim Conniff, standup comedian motivational speaker entertain us this morning. Tim offers keynote talks that combine stand-up comedy along with a motivational message on the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and doing challenging things. Originally from Scranton PA, Tim took a chance and left his comfort zone to begin doing standup comedy. It didn't matter that he had to drive 3 hours to join a line of "wannabe performers" on open MIC night to get a chance. Although it may not have gone well every time, Tim kept at it. As he proceeded on his journey, he also became a motivational speaker. His biggest message "Get out of your comfort zone". So many ways to do that! Always wanted to try rock climbing, throw an ax learn how to cook, try a new restaurant.......well Go for it!!! Tim performs in the area and you can find his schedule on his website http://timconniff.com
Thanks Tim...after our busy Saturday, it was great to just sit, relax and laugh!! You can reach Tim at timothyconnitt@gmail.com
Welcome ton Hatboro Rotary DG Diane . The DG is pictured here with President Lisa and Lobster Man!!
We are happy to report that Lobster Pot was a success despite the couple of rain showers! Bravo to the brave soles who brought their tents and had a party while enjoying Lobster and Steaks.
We do hope to see you again next year!!
A Huge thank you also to all the businesses and people that sponsored our event. (I'll post a list soon)
So excited for Judy who will soon be a grandmother and she is so excited for this new role!! We will miss her. She has been such a great server and we all love her. We know you will return to see us in-between your trips to see your grandbaby. Happy new adventures!!
Welcome Nichole! Nichole serves as Secretary for the newly formed Friends of Cressbrook a 501c.3 whose Mission is to preserve and maintain the Cressbrook properties and to appropriately restore them. The ultimate goal is to use the properties as educational resources and event space to increase understanding of their role in Hatboro's history and role in colonial era history.
As with all things, this committee will be raising funds to maintain and improve the property. In Mar they received a $60,000 grant from the state thanks to Rep Nancy Guenst and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to help with material purchases and construction costs relating to the Cressbrook Property Improvement Project. 
The home was originally The Isaac Walton House which began in 1724 as a stone cabin. Circa 1791 the historic colonial farmhouse was added on the additional 2.98 acres.
No photo description available.
Hatboro is rich in History!!
Operation Homefront was founded in 2002.It is a national nonprofit that serves Military Families across the US. They aim to build strong, stable and secure military families so they can thrive not struggle to get by.
Some Services offered:
  • Critical financial Assistance
  • Transitional Housing...Villages (rent and utility free housing)
  • Transitional Homes for Veterans
  • Permanent homes for Veterans
  • Back to School Brigade: backpacks full of school supplies for Military children
  • Holiday Meals for Military: Providing a holiday meal to individual military families.
  • You can make a donation online by clicking the link below. There is a section where you can donate to urgent needs! If you are in need of assistance, there is a link where you can sign up for help
For more information , click the linkhttps://operationhomefront.org/
Hatboro rotary presented a check for $500 to Operation Homefront
Hatboro Rotary President, Lisa Grace presents Donna with a $500 check for Operation Homefront
SPEAKER: Rotarian Katrina S.
Hatboro Rotary member, Katrina Sullivan, realtor for Compass, shared an important fraud alert program that all Montgomery County residents should sign up for.  She also shared a video for members to watch with instructions on how to sign up.   This program is Montgomery County's Fraud Alert System, Fraud Sleuth, which allows residents to sign up and be informed of any activity against their property by alerting the property owner shortly after a document matching the criteria completed in their user profile is recorded.  This tool is being offered to allow Montgomery County property owners to be involved in combating fraud. Together, constituents and the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds office are taking a proactive step in fighting fraud. 
Fellow Rotarian, Jillian Barton, estate attorney and founder of Barton Law, highlighted this program as part of her recent blog interview with Hatboro's Anne Anastasi, founder of Genesis Abstract.  Anne shared that this program is in response to an ongoing and increasingly concerning scam occurring in estates after the death of a loved one.  Criminals record forged deeds from the estate of the decedent transferring the property to their own entity and then they either quickly flip the property to a third party, or they borrow money using the property as collateral and walk away with the equity (and of course, they disappear). All of this can happen in a matter of weeks before the family has had time to grieve.  Residents and estate executors are being encouraged to sign up for alerts to monitor this criminal activity. 
As a realtor, Katrina was particularly concerned to learn of this growing and concerning scam, but this scam should be of concern to all of us.  For instructions on how to sign up for Fraud Sleuth, Montgomery County’s free fraud alert system, click here: https://www.montgomerycountypa.gov/2909/Fraud-Protection and watch the video for easy-to-follow instructions. 
Speaking to us today is Ella Warden recipient of Hatboro Rotary 2023 academic scholarship. Ella will be attending Yale University beginning in Aug majoring in computer sciences.  Ella served as Interact President during her junior and senior years at H-H (following in her sister's footsteps). Ella has participated in Rotary events especially Lobster Pot. During her tenure as President of Interact, she started a program of making cards for young cancer patients who were hospitalized. The children loved the cards and put them on their walls in their hospital rooms.  Ella is an avid rower and rows at Whitemarsh Boat Club. She was accepted to go train at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Facility in California. Not only will she compete for Yale University, but she has also been competing with Team USA on the U19 US Team. After intense training in Chula Vista, the team travelled to Florida to participate in the  CanAmMex regatta (United States, Canada, and Mexico). The two races she participated in both received Gold Medals.  Presenting Ella her first check for $6000 is Scholarship chairman Jonathan R. Ella has a bright future ahead of her and we look forward to hearing of her accomplishments. (Permission to use Ella's photo on this page was granted by her Mother)
Ella And Scholarship Chairman Jonathan R
Ella in Chula Vista
SPEAKERS: Eileen and Lorena from the Literacy Council of Norristown,
Founded in 1984, The mission of the Literacy Council of Norristown is to improve lives and strengthen families in Greater Norristown and Montgomery County by providing adult literacy and English language programs. Prior to the pandemic, there were other organization engaged in literacy program. Post pandemic, that number dropped, and the council gained about 500 people. What do they teach? Basic reading, language, math writing, GED and other programs. Each student has a mentor/teacher who works directly with that student.  There is required training to become a tutor after which the tutor will be matched up with a student. Currently there are over 100 volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, fill out an application on their websitehttps://www.lcnlit.org/ Please visit their website as well as their Facebook page to learn more and read about student successes. There are some very inspiring stories.
  • 2-hour Tutor Orientation Class
  • (4) 3-hour Tutor Training Workshops (total training = 13.5 hours)
In 2022, LCN launched its Family Literacy initiative. Since then they have shared over 15,000 books in Norristown! Thinking of getting your GED,,the literacy tutors can help you achieve your goal! Please visit their website to learn more. Tutoring is Free!!! (as an aside, one of our Rotarians just completed her training and is waiting to be assigned a student. Congrats Barb R).
  • Sunday 7/16 Service Project 8 AM at Pennypack. Bring your gloves and help plant the gardens.
  • July 29 We will have a tent at Moonlight Memories Car Show. Please volunteer for an hour or so to advertise Rotary and our Sept Lobster Pot.
Rotary Magazine June 2023

Rotary Moment 7/12/23

Just like Hatboro Rotary welcomed our new president, Lisa Grace, Rotary International welcomed new president Gordon McInally. Gordon is a retired dentist from South Queensferry, Scotland. His theme for the 23-24 Rotary year is “Create Hope in the World”. Gordon explained that the goal is to restore hope to help the world heal from destructive conflicts and to help achieve lasting change.

He has 3 presidential initiatives:

  • Prioritizing mental health. Gordon feels passionately about this initiative, especially after losing his brother to suicide in 2014. To prioritize mental health, Rotary Clubs can thinking about ways to 1. Erase any stigma associated with discussion of emotional well-being, 2. Raise awareness of mental health needs, and 3. Improve access to mental health services.

  • Building peace through virtual exchanges. Gordon believes that Rotary has a long history of promoting peace through connections. Covid-19 has given us many ways to build connections through innovative technology and we can use virtual platforms for peace building throughout the international Rotary community. Gordon sees virtual platforms within our Rotary Youth Exchanges and Rotary Friendship Exchanges as a great way to improve intercultural dialogue, awareness and understanding.

  • Empowering girls. Gordon will continue the initiatives started by past presidents, Shekhar Mehta (2021-2022) and Jennifer Jones (2022-2023) that focused on elevating the voices and unlocking the power of girls and women around the world. He encourages Rotary Clubs to keep finding ways to improve the health, well-being, education, economic security and agency of girls.

July 1 began a new Rotary Year! This morning we were proud to welcome this year's president, Lisa!
We know you will have a fabulous year!
Rotary! Growing young leaders since 1950 when only boys attended. In 1961 when Districts split, the newly formed District 7430 continued the Camp and renamed it Camp Neidig in honor of it's founder Joseph Neidig (District Governor of District 2654). In 1990, females were invited to camp for the first time, as Camp Neidig became a co-educational leadership experience. 
Hatboro was fortunate to send 2 HHHS Juniors to Camp Neidig and this morning we heard about that experience. Hope and Milka were both juniors at Hatboro who attended this year's camp and to listen to them speak, you know they had a great time and learned a lot about Leadership. Originally hoping and "vowing" to stay together during the three days, their hopes did not become a reality! When they arrived at camp, they were put in separate groups (Tribes). There were many activities during the 3 days such as guest speakers, problem solving and workshops. As one attendee put it "it forces you to get out of your comfort zone". They did have competitions between "tribes". but friendships were formed with other attendees regardless of what Tribe you were in. "You realize that People you didn't know bring out the best in you". Throughout the weekend, campers participated in a series of problem-solving stations that both mentally and physically challenge them to work as a team. ​​Each problem-solving activity is designed to test and refine specific leadership skills. One of our students was in a problem-solving group that planned the closing ceremonies. ( which is presented to parents and guests at the end of camp). One of our students commented that she learned a lot about talking with people of all races, abilities and disabilities. Both students feel they have gained leadership tools they will build on as they enter their senior year. Going forward, they both plan on spreading the word and encouraging next year's juniors to apply. Want to know more about Camp Neidig? https://www.campneidig.com/
OR contact Hatboro Rotary! http://hatbororotary.org
The girls with their Moms! Hope is middle left and Milka middle right (permission given by parents to post picture)
SPEAKER: Jim Moran

The Millbrook Society was founded in 1984 at the request of the late Mrs. Charles Harper Smith of Horsham Township, PA.  The vision of Mrs. Smith and the Society's founders was to honor the legacy of Charles Harper Smith who was a renowned local historian, educator, and author.    The original intent of the Society was to receive and hold in trust the land and buildings that make up the Kenderdine Mill tract called "Millbrook." They also were tasked with continuing the late Charles Harper Smith's work in the areas of preservation and education of local, state, and national history. Unfortunately, the only thing they obtained was the name "Millbrook". Although they did not obtain any land, the mission of the society has not changed. They continue to work for the preservation, protection and education of history. Currently they are planning to scan many very old documents to preserve the information for the future. All members of the Society are volunteers. What is their mission?

PRESERVATION…collecting and maintaining artifacts, documents, manuscripts, and maps.PROTECTION… archaeology, and recording and researching historical data on buildings and other assets.EDUCATION… presentations, programs, publications, reenactments, and related activities.

You may see members of Millbrook at Moland House on an Archeological Dig, participating in reenactments, history fairs. researching old homes and buildings in Hatboro, giving classes on the history of areas in Hatboro to school children and adults as well. Growing out of their current spaces, they will be moving to space in the Pennypack Community building in the near future. Many of their archives will remain in their spaces at the Baptist Church. Millbrook does interact with MANY other organizations (a listing is on their website.) As with many organizations, they are looking for new members as well as active volunteers to assist in their many projects. 

Would you like to know more? Click the link to the website to see a list of events, publications, news of the society, other organizations and membership information. http://millbrooksociety.org/mbs/links.ashx


A Rotary Club President spends one year leading the club. Marty is our 2022-2023 president. Today marks our changeover from Marty to Lisa who, officially begins her year on July 1. Today we celebrate the accomplishments of Marty's year. Our goal is always to help our community. We are a club of action, working together giving back and at the same time enjoying each other.
  • updated club procedural manual
  • brought back Rotary Moments thanks to Barb R. volunteering.
  • Tony, Foundation Chair recognized members who received Paul Harris Fellow awards (Tom B. Barb S, Karen and others)
  • Under Barb R and Darlene's leadership, Selected and sent local HHH Students to STEM YEA program and Leadership training at Camp Neidig.
  • Scholarship Committee under Jonathan's leadership selected two HHHS to receive scholarships.
  • Under Lisa's guidance, our first Bingo in the Borough Night raised  over $11,000 which will be used in the community.
  • As a group we also had time to relax for some group fellowship. One night a week we gather for happy hour, visiting local businesses or for a community service project such as holiday wrapping; making bags to donate to H.A.T packs. or helping H.A.T Packs make up 300plus bags of food which than are given to children.
  • Presence in the community: participating in Moonlight Memories to promote the club and Lobster Pot; Rotary Interview with George and Marty on WRDV Radio; Successful Lobster Pot event headed by Bob J. which yielded $10,576 which will be used in the community; Jillian's Husband obtained $1000 from Coloran when they were asking for ways to help families after an earthquake. John shared about our Shelterbox fundraising and the company gave him the funds to help purchase another shelterbox.
  • Alex was successful in writing and obtaining a Rotary District 7430 grant of $14693 to purchase a "We-Go Swing for Hatboro Memorial Park Playground that will allow Children in wheelchairs to enjoy the playground.
  • We also have members who regularly volunteer in the community helping food pantries (Sue, Art, Barb) and regularly help H.A.T. Packs pack food for children (Kathy, Karen, Mike)
There are so many more accomplishments of all our Club Members who step up for every challenge and continue to support the efforts of the club to keep a presence in this wonderful community.
I apologize if I have missed recognizing a project or club members. Thank you Marty for a fabulous year!

Rotary Moment 6/7/23

The Rotary International Convention was held in Melbourne, Australia in May. The convention was organized around this year’s theme “Imagine Rotary” and attendees participated in sessions that focused on promoting peace, protecting the environment, and eradicating polio. Next year’s convention will be held in Singapore and will revolve around the 23-24 theme “Sharing Hope With the World”.

At the convention, Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones, announced the recipient of the third annual Programs of Scale award. This year’s recipient is United to End Cervical Cancer in Egypt, an initiative to reduce the number of cases while raising awareness and improving women’s access to preventive care. The four-year program in and around Cairo will vaccinate more than 30,000 girls ages 9-15, provide cancer screenings for 10,000 women, and launch a public awareness campaign to reach 4 million people.

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gaby Morena performed at the convention. She also traveled to Guatemala with Rotary International President Jennifer Jones as part of Jones’ Imagine Impact Tour. Their trip to Guatemala included visits to the schools supported by The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP). The GLP is one of the largest grassroots, multi-club, multi-district projects in Rotary. The focus is to improve education for underserved students in Guatemala. To date the program has served more than 278,000 students.

The Speaker today was Ms Tanya R. Hill -Holiday. Tanya is owner of Hatboro's Mcdonalds but that isn't all...she owns 12 Mcdonalds all together. This is one incredible woman and a fantastic speaker. With her permission, I am posting her Bio. This vibrant woman is the first African American Female to own not one but 12 McDonalds Restaurants. PLEASE click the link below to read her Bio!! You will be impressed. Thank you Tanya and we do hope you will visit with us again.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan and Beth who are celebrating 31 years of marriage.
  • Our club is sponsoring 2 students to Camp Neidig. Stay tuned for their presentation to the club after they return.
  • Once again Thank you Lisa for all you did for Bingo in the Borough! We can now start planning for next year!!
  • Congratulations to Karen who received her 2nd PHF. A reminder to club members if you sign up for automatic payments, you can achieve a PHF faster, Thank you for supporting Rotary Foundation! 
  • Don't forget June 21 meeting is change over time. We salute and thank Marty for his leadership this Rotary year and we congratulate and welcome Lisa as our new club president!
  • June 28 is our night out and we are going to play a little corn hole! We hope and pray for no rain!
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