Holly Acosta..MCIUS Early Intervention Program

Holly Acosta, director of Early Childhood Intervention for Montgomery County presented to the club. 
The Pennsylvania Department of Education is responsible by law for providing early education services for eligible children age three to school age in the Commonwealth. The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 23, through an agreement with the Department of Education, is contracted to deliver those services in Montgomery County.
Children in the County between 3-5 years of age who are identified as being delayed intellectually or physically, can be referred to the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit by a doctor. Once their case has been reviewed and if they qualify they may receive any of the following services:
  • Specialized instruction
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Hearing support
  • Speech and language support
  • Vision support 
Funding for this program is from Montgomery County and the State. Some families need more funding for computers for the children to access their therapy. The program serves between 3,000 and 5,000 students a year. The Intermediate Unit then helps to transition the children into one of the 23 school districts in Montgomery County. 
The program can be supported in several ways:
  • PBS Channel 12 works with Intermediate Unit on scheduling for programming for the children.
  • Blue Bell Rotary has made a donation to the program to help provide technology for the students.
  • Interpreters are sometimes needed in languages such as Russian, Greek, Chinese 
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12/09/2020 ZOOM Meeting

SPEAKER: Ron Smith.. Blue Bell Rotary..COVID 19 Collaborative Projects
This pandemic and the associated restrictions have impacted so many.... People lost jobs, families had no money to pay for food, the need for Mental Health Services rose, nursing homes were greatly impacted and the residents weren't able to see their love ones, day care facilities closed, schools went virtual. With 29 Rotary clubs in Montgomery County,
Clubs began to partner with organizations and non-profits who support those families with insufficient resources  . Rotarians were a perfect group to help...members had business experience; discretionary time to help; already service minded; and they already had a network of connected people. The goal is for all 29 clubs to work together and within their communities to serve county wide needs.  
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11/25/2020 ZOOM Meeting

SPEAKER: Nancy Conner , Founder of Smart Adaptive Clothing
Millions of people, young and old struggle everyday with dressing themselves. This certainly creates frustration, loss of time and productivity. 1in 4 Adults has a disability. Smart Adaptive has a clothing line of blouses and shirts that look traditional but have velcro behind the buttons for easy fastening. The fabric is soft and washable and having the ability to dress ones self empowers the individual and builds confidence . Please visit their website https://smartadaptiveclothing.com/  for more information and to view the clothing line. You can contact Nancy through the website.
11/25/2020 ZOOM Meeting 2020-11-25 05:00:00Z 0
Christmas Wreaths and Table Decorations 2020-11-19 05:00:00Z 0

11/18/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Margaret Fitzpatrick Willow Grove PT..Hatboro Office
Today's topic was PAIN. Is your pain keeping you from doing the things you love?
Managing pain is not insurmountable given the right tools.
Some thought on Pain management:
MOVE MORE...With the pandemic, we are all sitting more and exercising less. Make it a point to get up every 30 minutes and move around...spend less time in the chair. You can exercise while watching TV.
PAIN MEDS...Pain meds are misused for the most part. Your first option should be to consult a physical therapist
WHAT IS PAIN... Pain is part of the nervous system and is the body's alarm system. It is 100% produced in the brain and is very complex.
MOVEMENT is the greatest pain killer.
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11/11/2020 Zoom Dr Margaret Fitzpatrick ..Willow Grove PT

SPEAKER: Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick..Willow Grove PT
Managing Balance, Dizziness and Pain. BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) is the most common cause of vertigo(dizziness)in adults. Do you feel like you are spinning when you turn your head in certain directions? The cause of BPPV is the displacement of calcium carbonate crystals in the inner ear. When those crystals move into the semicircular canals, they stimulate cells which transmit information to the brain, making you feel like you are moving.  There is help in the form of a simple procedure called the Epley Maneuver which involves a series of movements each followed by a 30 second pause, to allow gravity to move the crystals out of semicircular canal and back into their proper place. It is non-invasive, safe and effective with one treatment . It is important to treat quickly and avoid disruption of your normal activities. If this is left untreated it could lead to falls and immobility. Please visit their website http://www.willowgrovept.com/index.html for more information on their services, patient education and staff.
11/11/2020 Zoom Dr Margaret Fitzpatrick ..Willow Grove PT 2020-11-11 05:00:00Z 0

10/21/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Carol Ferguson ...Polio Truths
As we approach World Polio Day on Oct 24th, we strive to rid the world of Polio. Presently only two countries , Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to see new cases. Surviving the initial diagnosis of polio would for most of us appear to be the end however it doesn't end there for those affected. Many suffer from Post Polio Syndrome many years later in life. Approximately 80% of survivors develop Post Polio Syndrome.. Essentially people with polio are attacked twice by the disease. Seriously, I had never heard of Post Polio Syndrome and I believe I am not alone. Please click this link to find out more https://www.papolionetwork.org/uploads/9/9/7/0/99704804/post-polio_letter.pdf.   The website of the PA Polio Survivors Network has a wealth of information and is well worth the read. https://www.papolionetwork.org/
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10/07/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Hatboro Police Chief Jim Gardner
Chief Gardner spoke to us today regarding the Accreditation that the department achieved. What is Accreditation? The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association introduced the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program to the Commonwealth in July 2001. Since then, over 375 agencies have enrolled and 126 agencies currently have attained accredited status. Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping institutions evaluate and improve their overall performance. This award symbolizes professionalism, excellence and competence. There are over 1000 law enforcement agencies in PA . This is not an easy process and we are proud of our Police Department for attaining such an honor. Additionally, Nov is no shave month for cancer awareness. Don't be surprised if you see bearded police officers. Hatboro police are participating and donating in support of prostate cancer.
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9/30/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Eric Trumbower.. Camp Erin of Philadelphia (part of the Eluna network)
Eric is the Manager of Volunteer Services & Director, Camp Erin Philadelphia a part of Penn Medicine Hospice 
Camp Erin Philadelphia is a weekend overnight camp for grieving children and teens ages 6-17. The camp combines traditional, fun, high-energy camp activities with grief education and support.
Services provided through Penn Medicine Hospice: Bereavement Services; Grief outreach to families in 2nd and 3rd year of grief process; Individual support; Community support for long term care facilities
Pre Pandemic, the 3 day camp brought the kids together; regular visitation of residents in Long Term Care Facilities; Individual and group support groups
Post Pandemic, camp was canceled, most of Grief support events were canceled, individual support was virtual as was community support.
The grief process did not stop for those children dealing with the loss of a loved one. The program did not stop either but it merely shifted into a slightly different format especially for the children. A program was developed to send a package three times a year to 117 families which included projects the children would do similar to those they would have done in camp. This is an amazing program and despite most of the children being kept inside because of the pandemic, the program leaders continued to find ways to help the children deal with the grief of losing a loved one.
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9/16/2020 Zoom Meeting with DG Janet Kolepp

This is DG Janet's official visit to our club. She is a member of Bethlehem Morning Star Rotary Club.
  • Together we Grow Rotary! Meeting differences through different types of meetings but maintaining Rotary Core Values of Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service and Leadership
  • Public Image and Branding Campaign ;unified messaging shaped by actions of each of us.
  • Using social media to tell the story of rotary : video club members stories 
  • Purple Pinkie Race will be virtual on Oct 24 2020
  • This district is #1 in the USA for supporting Shelter Box: The Rotary Club of Saucon, Center Valley is hosting a FREE online Stock the Box event on October 9th from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Register here. The purpose of this event is to highlight ShelterBox's vital work, celebrate our district’s ShelterBox giving, and top last year’s district total 
  • Training Tuesdays ;Grow Rotary Webinars:https://rotarydistrict7430.org/stories/training-tuesday
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8/12/2020 Zoom Meeting

SPEAKER: Carol Ferguson District 7430 Polio Plus Coordinator....Vaccines Work!
 Carol herself is a Polio survivor. Rotary clubs across the state of Pennsylvania are working to educate people regarding immunizations. The pandemic and loss of the ability to visit pediatricians for well child visits had contributed to children not receiving their vaccines on time. Vaccines work and no child should suffer pain and disability from a vaccine preventable disease. Vaccines protect! MMR doesn't cause autism, and  polio vaccines work. Rotarians all over the world support Rotary international's focus on Disease Prevention and Immunization. There is a network for PA Polio survivors and their families across the keystone state. Currently the PA survivors network/PA rotary club Project are working to put vaccine information cards in all Doctors offices. Partnering with CHOP..Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, our aim is to educate people about vaccines.
Please visit the following sites:
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8/5/2020 Zoom Meeting

SPEAKER: John Richards...Operation Homefront
https://www.operationhomefront.org/ Operation Homefront is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive — not simply struggle to get by — in the communities they have worked so hard to protect. John is the Area Manager serving states from Delaware to Maine. During this pandemic, they have served 700 families and continue to take applications for help. If an application is accepted for help, they pay the vendor, not the person who made the application. Their services help all members of the family . Please visit their website for more information and to donate to this wonderful organization.
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7/22/2020 Zoom Meeting

State Representative Tom Murt joined us today for some updates:
  • Reminder, his Hatboro office is open continuing to help people in the district with their unemployment issues. (some people are still waiting since the beginning of the shutdown to receive payment). People needing help who are outside the district will be referred to their own Representative.
  • Sat July 25 is the ground breaking for the America-Korea Peace Park in North Wales
  • Things in Senate: Mental Health Parody..Basically ,those with MH issues need to be treated like anyone else; Disability Bill of rights also in Senate. There has been reports that counseling and online therapy has been effective , not better then face to face but effective during this pandemic.
  • Adults with special needs is also a focus. As the age, so are parents aging and are having trouble caring for their adult special needs children.
  • Pandemic: 3 million people in PA out of work; working on plans to open schools; also working on grants for those schools that do not have the funding to meet the guidelines for opening.
Thank you Tom for joining us today!
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Linda Mayger..shelter Box

Welcome to Linda Mayger from shelter box. 

ShelterBox first started as a Millenium project by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in Cornwall in 2000. Since then, it has grown to be an international disaster relief charity, providing emergency shelter in some of the most hard-to-reach places in the world. We have always been happy to support Shelter box and are Silver Shelter Box Heroes (A ShelterBox HERO is a Rotary Club that has committed to making an impact in worldwide disaster response by giving $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 within the Rotary year...we donate $3000 per year). Shelter box provides emergency assistance to those affected by disasters. Currently 88 Million people worldwide have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. During the pandemic, boxes continue to be distributed with the addition of PPE to each box. Previously those who received boxes were sharing ppots and pans with their neighbors however that has been discontinued and now each family gets their own set of pots and pans. To learn more, please visit https://www.shelterboxusa.org/

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  •  Club dues should be sent to our PO Box....the address is on your invoice.
  •  Thank you to Marty and the Speaker committee for the excellent programs
  •  Congratulations to Jack Groves who has over 50 years in Rotary. Jack Joined the club on Jun 20 1969!
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We were happy to welcome Blue Bell Rotary Members Wendy Axelrod and Andy Johanson to speak to us about  the 2019 Guatemala Trip with Rotoplast. This is a 13 day mission to a third world country. The mission had 26 volunteers who performed a myriad of jobs. The focus of the mission is on treating and correcting cleft lip, cleft palate, burns, and other deformities in children.  220 children were evaluated and 114 surgeries were performed with only 3 surgery rooms and a Post Anesthesia Care Unit with only three beds. Each child was given a donated quilt (to keep) to keep them warm. Generally on these missions, one day is set aside to set up (they bring all their supplies), one day to triage the patients waiting, 8 days of surgeries, a day to site see and remaining days to pack up and travel. Please visit rotoplast.org  for more information about Rotoplast and to volunteer. 
Rotoplast 2020-07-08 04:00:00Z 0

Meals on Wheels

The club continues to assist Meals on Wheels and all those who have delivered meals, are reporting what a positive experience it has been (even in the rain).
Meals on Wheels 2020-06-24 04:00:00Z 0

6/24/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Stephanie Yoder
WOW The HHEF has been so busy providing learning grants and inspiring programs that it is impossible for me to list them all here. so I would please ask that you click on the link and read about the many grants that were awarded and for what...its pretty impressive!
https://www.hhef.org/ilg-list-2020-21 So many different grants, Innovative learning grants and  Classroom Grants. In addition, they also provided  donation to H.A.T Packs. We at Hatboro Rotary are pleased that we continue to donate to this outstanding organization!
6/24/2020 Zoom Meeting 2020-06-24 04:00:00Z 0


  •  Hatboro Rotarians help with Meals on wheels\
  •  Williams Lane outside dining was so successful that it will be continued Thurs-Sun during the summer. The Borough is also looking for a place in the north end of town for another outside dining area.
  •  The club received a $1000 grant which will be donated to H.A.T. packs
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6/17/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Kathy Bademan Laughter Yoga
World Peace through laughter! 10-15 minutes of Laughter Yoga equals 15-30 minutes of Cardio . We practiced some laughter yoga exercises during this zoom meeting. Good to laugh! Thanks Kathy. You can join a laughter yoga class with Kathy at nourishing storm once a month. To learn more, please visit Kathy's website https://laughterwithkathy.com/
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Lars Knudson

We were pleased to welcome newly graduated HHHS senior Lars Knudson to our Zoom Meeting this morning. Lars received a Rotary Scholarship from Hatboro Rotary. He will be attending the University of Maryland and we have no doubt he will do well. 
Lars Knudson 2020-06-10 04:00:00Z 0

Rev Josh Blakesley..The Welcome Project PA

We were pleased to have Rev Josh Blakesley join us on Zoom this morning to tell us about the Welcome Project PA which is here in Hatboro. The Welcome Project PA strives to be a diverse, safe place for marginalized and vulnerable populations and seeks to bring about positive social change to improve the quality of life for these individuals and families in the Philadelphia suburbs. It provides many services such as educational services , support groups, activities, interfaith services, immigration help, LGBTQ+ friendly and many more services. Please visit their website for more info https://www.welcomeprojectpa.org/
Rev Josh Blakesley..The Welcome Project PA 2020-06-10 04:00:00Z 0

6/3/2020 Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Diane Hegele, Borough Manager
 $2.5 million in grants received.  here are a few
  • York & Williams – York & Summit – This is an important project, it is a pedestrian improvement grant that is in design phase currently and will include much needed stormwater improvements and new pedestrian crosswalk with bump out at Williams Lane, it will also include a much needed crosswalk at Summit Avenue.  Definitely will help to improve pedestrians in Hatboro.
  • RACP Grant for Borough Hall for a new heating and AC and Fire Protection for Hatboro’s most historic and beautiful structure, the heating and ac work will definitely be an improvement for staff and visitors, if you have been in there it is either too cold in winter and too hot in the summer. 
  • Walk Works Grant – this is for a 1.9 mile guided walk through Hatboro, there will be literature and signage guiding those to different points of interest while getting healthy by walking.  We hope to get this off and running (walking 😊) once permitted and we thought a community walk maybe a great event to bring people together due to the COVID and also the events occurring. 
  • Miller Meadow Grant – the project has been awarded for phase one of the improvements, work should begin soon.  Phase 2 of the improvements was submitted in April to DCNR for additional grant funding. 
  • UM/Hatboro Trail Plan Grant is done, both municipalities are set to approve in June.  This is a plan for placement of trails in both municipalities and connectivity to others in accordance with the County Comprehensive Plan.  This was a joint effort and it was a pleasure working with UM staff and different community members from both municipalities.  Very glad to work with UM and once approve look forward to using the plan to seek grant funding and install trails in the Boro.

The YMCA property has been sold finally and Victorian Village will be in front of the PC in June for their Land Development application.  

The Borough was approached recently by DVRPC for a new grant initiative they are launching called EXPO, it is an experimental initiative they want to fund in hopes of doing more permanent projects.  Although our list of needs is long, we were told to limit to one only

Sadly we had to close our pool this year, this was a difficult decision but was necessary to protect the pool patrons and staff.  

I was recently chosen to participate in a county economic recovery team that will meet to discuss and collaborate on ways we can share info and look to help others navigate the financial impacts on municipal budgets as a result of COVID-19. 

I continue to spend time participating and reaching out to legislators to make sure Hatboro’s voice is heard and money from the government does come back to Hatboro.

Borough Hall is still operating under reduced hours and that staff is always available to assist outside those hours.  Our PW staff is still working out of separate locations, this decision was made as we are a small department and if one employee fell ill with COVID it could have impacted the entire department.  All services, hours of operation and locations will be revaluated as we move through the Governor’s phases. I want to thank all of our employees for all their hard work during the COVID pandemic.  It was not easy at times, they were worried about coming in contact with others, worked in different conditions, but they all rose to the task and did it like they always do.  We have a great bunch of employees who really care about Hatboro.

COVID-19 update, today we have had 27 positive tests and sadly lost one resident.  Council continues to work very hard to keep the community informed.  We have hosted several virtual town halls and there is one tonight at 6:30 PM. Please tune in.

All Borough meetings have resumed virtually.  

Most of you may have seen the Hatboro Rock Project.  Those rocks along with several communities signs and sights have been featured or will be featured in publications and literature by the University of Pittsburgh (walk works grant) and Montgomery County.    

.  Some things  Stephanie she has been working on:

·         Launched the My Hatboro platform

·         Started the My Hatboro Merchants Group

·         Worked with staff on the Hatboro Now Directory

·         Working with County on new Hatboro Business start up guide for when Hatboro resumes full business operation.

The Women Owned Business Group has their first meeting today, this is being overseen by Kristen Ritter at Nourishing Storm, if you are interested reach out to her. 

The newly formed Hatboro Business Recovery Task Force meets today.  Please stay tuned for initiatives and news forthcoming from this group.  Stephanie will lead this group along with elected officials, staff, Chamber of Commerce and business owners.  This group will work to bring people back to Hatboro and also help with guidance on reopening. If you are a business owner and you have not met Stephanie or are not getting her weekly email updates, please reach out to her.

Some businesses have asked why the Borough could not lobby the Governor to reopen non-essential business.  The Governor advised municipalities if they did not follow the guidelines they may risk loss of state funding. Some of the funding we receive, this list is not inclusive.

  • $200,000 in Liquid Fuels money which is used to pave and maintain our roads.
  • Grants, 
  • Pension Funding
  • Insurance contributions
  • Snow removal funding (even though it did not snow we still receive that money)

Thank you to our business  community for helping the community. The signs posted we are Hatboro Strong, Love is not Lost, Kindness if free, the community dinners at the Dish, people helping the residents of Moreland Towers who could not go out, the sign in the window at the Dish honoring Sgt. Petrik, businesses embracing the change, I could go on.  We are a great town.

I will end my presentation to give you an update on our Police Department.  Sadly on March 30th I received a call from Chief Gardner, about the passing of one of our Police Officers, Sgt. James Petrik.  Jim was a 21 year veteran of the department, he left behind his wife Lynn and his three sons, Jimmy, Jason and Justin.  Jim served his country in the USMC (his son is following in his footsteps).  I was fortunate to know and work with Jim and can tell you he loved his job, he loved his country, he loved his family and he loved Hatboro.  He will be missed. 

Current events are not making our police officer’s job easy.  In March, the same day we all learned we were going to have to stay home, I joined Mayor Guenst and Councilwoman Ostrander in Harrisburg to see our Police Department and Chief Gardner accept the honor of accreditation.  Our PD is now 1 of a 118 in the State who have achieved accreditation status.  Accreditation is good, we have well trained police officers who are very disciplined along with sound policies and excellent leadership, you are in good hands in Hatboro.  Mayor Guenst, Borough Council and myself support and back our PD 100 plus percent.  They are a great bunch of guys who love Hatboro, the residents, business community and visitors.  These men and women want what is best for Hatboro.

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5/13/2020 ZOOM meeting

Another successful Zoom gathering of the club (so nice to see everyone)!
First the updates:
  • Charter night has been canceled and when we can it will be rescheduled
  • Thanks to Jillian for the Marigold Project..People who received them where very thankful and appreciative
  •  Scholarship Committee will be meeting by Zoom and currently has 6 applications (academic and vo tech)
  •  Tribal Challenge at this point has been postponed.. updates will be posted on this site
Today's Program:  So pleased to have DJ, Erin and Patsy from H.A.T Packs join us. These ladies and their Army of workers have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the pandemic. Initially, they expanded the weekly weekend meals to providing breakfast and lunch for 5 days. This is now being taken care of by the school District. Additionally, HAT Packs has been working closely with Jackie and Tony at the dish to provide free meals 2 days a week (about 200-500 families). There are many community organizations which have stepped up to keep people fed. They also continue with normal HAT PACK meals which are packed and delivered by the Army of HAT Pack volunteers. If that's not enough, volunteers have been running St John's Lutheran food pantry. 
. Below are ways in which you can contribute.  


To support H.A.T. Packs in their mission please consider donating to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/HATPacks or check made payable to HAT Packs mailing address: 22 Harding Ave, Hatboro PA 19040

Visit our Amazon wishlist https://smile.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2A5F4D05VHF8K/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist

or shop for individual serving sized shelf stable items and drop off at St John's Pantry Tuesday-Thursday 11am-1pm or Hatboro Dish 8am-2pm




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ZOOM Meeting

We had a great virtual club meeting today on Zoom...great turnout. Be sure and join the club next Wed at noon on zoom...log in info will be coming from Linda.
Nancy and Stephanie updated us on what is happening in Hatboro to keep residents informed and businesses kept up to date on what is happening, Hatboro was ne of the first in the county to get emergency funding. Council meetings are being streamed so you can all listen in.
BZ (Bravo Zulu) to HAT Packs and the Dish for keeping the community fed. Please be sure to order from our local restaurants!
Stay well everyone!
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Greetings everyone, I hope this finds everyone well and adjusting to social distancing. A reminder to please support local businesses...lots of curbside pickups going on. A huge shout out to H.A.T. packs,who not only do meals for kids but have been doing free dinners twice a week in concert with The Dish. The dish is also a local hero as they have been doing meals for curbside pickup....these meals are substantial!
Also others around town, Lochel's , Nonno's, Quigs, Silvio's....please support our local businesses..I know I missed a few, email me and I'll add them.
From my own neighborhood! We are putting signs on our lawns and hopefully you will see more around town.     Such as these! (thank you to my neighbor Kris Gerlach for the signs!)
                                         Image may contain: plant and outdoorImage may contain: house, grass, tree, plant, outdoor and nature
District 7430 (our Rotary District) has applied for a $25,000 Rotary International Disaster Grant. Hatboro Rotary has applied to be part of that grant in order to support the efforts HAT Packs is undertaking to support the community at this time. Each club that applied is expected to receive 1500 in grant money. We will let everyone know as soon as a decision has been made.
What's happening where you are? Just remember we are ALL in this together.
Greetings! 2020-04-14 04:00:00Z 0


FROM DG HERB:  For the health and safety of all our Rotarians, the April 24-26, 2020 District 7430 Conference is cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  For all those who registered, you will be receiving separate credit card refunds for both the registration fee and the hotel deposit, if applicable.  


DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2020-03-16 04:00:00Z 0

Reginald A Howard..Mental Health Advocate

Welcome Reginald Howard, Mental Health Advocate. Although he is not a Licensed Mental Health Worker, Reginald uses his own life experiences to empower people to use their personal life struggles as strengths. He acts as a change agent in saving lives. Works with NAMI, Has a Black Mental Health Podcast and strives to turn peoples suffering into success. His goal is helping people learn the tools to work through the mental pain we all experience from traumatic experiences. Thank you for joining us today.
Reginald A Howard..Mental Health Advocate 2020-03-11 04:00:00Z 0

4 Way Test Speech Contest

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and shoes                   

Hatboro Rotary held our 4 Way Speech contest earlier today! Congratulations to all the contestants . Takes a lot of preparation time, energy and nerve to get up in front of a room of people and give a 5 minute presentation.

The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do is a test used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships. The test can be applied to almost any aspect of life. ... It was later adopted by Rotary International, the global federation of Rotary service clubs.


4 Way Test Speech Contest 2020-03-07 05:00:00Z 0

Doug Harbach..PA Gaming Control Board

Doug Harbach, Director of Communications for The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

I bet you thought the gaming control board only regulate casinos but today we found out what they do cover and what they don't. There is a lot of information on their website https://gamingcontrolboard.pa.gov/, so I urge you to check it out. The first Casino opened in 2006 with only slots but added table games in 2010. Currently there are 12 land based casinos and a 13th is being built in Philly. There are 17 mini casinos. 25 Truck stops which have a certain amount of parking spaces and sales also have video gaming terminals (VGT)but these sites are limited to a maximum of 5 machines. Internet Gaming (Interactive Gaming) is offered by 3 casinos to those living or visiting in PA. Sports wagering began in 2018 both in casinos and online. In early 2020, the Gaming Control Board established a website for those problem gamblers, those who need help and recognize they have a gambling problem. There are resources online through this website https://responsibleplay.pa.gov/. So do we consumers see any of that money which comes into casinos? If you receive a homestead deduction on your property taxes, you are receiving benefits from the revenue received from slot machines . What does the board not regulate? Lottery, Horse Racing, Small Games of Chance and Skill Games. Thank you Doug for this interesting talk!

Doug Harbach..PA Gaming Control Board 2020-03-04 05:00:00Z 0
FEB 23 ROTARY TURNS 115! 2020-02-26 05:00:00Z 0

Congratulations Hatboro Rotary

Congratulations Hatboro rotary for being a Major Supporter of the Purple Pinkie Race to Zero which benefits Polio Plus. 
The 2019 race raised $60000 and Hatboro donated $3600. congrats to the club and all those that donated, participated and continue to support the race to cure polio around the world.
Congratulations Hatboro Rotary 2020-02-26 05:00:00Z 0


  •  DG Herb visited us to talk about District conference April 24-26 King of Prussia
  •  Trivia Night April 4th..still need more tables
  •  Willow Grove Night of the Races Mar 7 6-10pm
  •  Hatboro Rotary partnered with Horsham Rotary Grant for Harmony Theater
  •  District 7430 new Rotarians orientation..Giuseppi's Pizza Warminster May 4.
  •  Charter Night May 28 Giuseppi's Pizza
  •  Mar 7 4 wayTest contest. 9AM Behind Hatboro Federal (Same place we wrap gifts)
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Joe Kircher..Meals on Wheels

Joe Kircher
Today we welcomed Joe Kircher from BuxMont Meals on Wheels (MOW).  Bux Mont MOW deliver meals to 40-50 clients.These meals are prepared for each individual and assembled in at the old Warminster Hospital Kitchen. Food comes from Wegman's WaWa and Giant. Deliveries are made everyday except weekends and Christmas and New Year's. Food is gotten by the drivers at 10 am. Cost to clients is $7 a meal (if they can pay). Each client get two meals..one hot, one cold.No government funds support this organization. Meals on wheels has an office in the Hatboro Borough building and can be reached at 215 443 9784, and through facebook  https://www.facebook.com/buxmontmow/ . There are many opportunities to volunteer with MOW. You can deliver just two times a month. Each driver delivers to 6-10 people.
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Andrea and Nancy Classification Speeches

Andrea Myers and Nancy Guenst

This morning two of our newest members gave their classification speeches. These are talks that enlighten the rest of us 
about the accomplishments , adventures and history of our members. These are two very talented and intelligent women that we are proud to have as Rotarians. Both of these women have served in the military, volunteer in the community, are multilingual, and know the value of hard work. For Club members, the bios will be posted  in the secure section of this website.
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Rotarian Katrina..Harassment

Today's discussion on "Harassment"  was led by Rotarian Katrina
Rotary is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from any kind of harassment, which includes unwelcome physical contact, advances, or comments. Anyone who attends or participates in Rotary meetings, events, or activities must help establish conditions that promote safety, courtesy, dignity, and respect for all. All Rotarians are expected to adhere to the
 Code of Conduct:
  • Act with integrity and high ethical standards in both personal and professional life
  • Deal fairly with others and treat them and their occupations with respect 
  • Use professional skills through Rotary to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world
  • Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary or other Rotarians
  • Help maintain a harassment-free environment in Rotary meetings, events, and activities, report any suspected harassment, and help ensure non-retaliation to those individuals who report harassment.
Although the customs and norms of cultures vary, it's always important to be aware of what's appropriate. Take your cues from the person who is receiving your comments and actions. Rotary defines harassment as any conduct — verbal or physical — that denigrates, insults, or offends a person or group based on characteristics that include age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. 
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Julie Dugery...NOVA

Network of Victim Assistance
Welcome Julie Dugery Public Affairs Committee from NOVA..Network of Victim Assistance Bucks County
There was a lot of great information packed into this talk so I urge you to visit their website for more information http://www.novabucks.org
Among the many programs which are offered through NOVA are Prevention Education Programs given as early as kindergarten and covering topics such as child sexual assault, bully free classrooms, cyber safety, peer education programs and many more. Community Programs and Professional Trainings such as Mandated reporting, trauma informed care and practices, sexual harrassment in the workplace, identity theft, Elder abuse and human trafficking's to name a few. Victim advocacy, support and  accompaniment through the criminal justice system is an important part of their programs. Additionally, they have their own trained Forensic Nurses on call 24 hours who do the initial evidence collection on sexual assault victims. To contact NOVA call the 24 hour hotline 1-800675-6900.
Are you a victim of sexual assault or other serious crime? NOVA may be able to help with counseling, accompaniment to police interviews, court proceeding, emergency rooms, assisting with filing Crime victims Compensation paperwork, civil legal assistance and counseling. Montgomery County also has victim assistance programs https://www.pccd.pa.gov/AboutUs/Pages/default.aspx
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  •  Visit NOVA Gift Shop  Corner of Broad Street and Rt 313
  •   Do you have your table reserved for Trivia Night? (April 4) This night is also a food collection night for food pantries.
  •   Reminder that ever Month is membership month. Do you know someone interested in helping the community? Invite them to a club meeting.
  •   The club is looking for speakers please let Marty Palmer know if you have someone or some organization in mind.
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Sara Maus..Abington Senior Programs

Abington Heath is one of the regions leading providers of comprehensive senior Programs including both inpatient and outpatient services. Some of the services they provide are listed here.
  •   Geriatric Assessment Center offers cognitive and needs-based evaluations for seniors including comprehensive care plan reviews with a licensed social worker.
  •   Memory Fitness Center at Warminster offers a half-day activity program for those showing signs of memory loss with full-day programming available through Adult Day Services in Lansdale.
  • mobility-restoring Geriatric Fracture Program of the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute at Abington Hospital and Abington – Lansdale Hospital provides hope after injuries that could limit movement without such   coordinated care services. 
  • Home Care services to assist home bound seniors with a change in medical condition or recovery from an in-patient or rehab facility stay.
  • Other Services:  Caregivers Resources; Caregivers Support Group; ElderMed; Hospital Elder Life Program; Operation Reassurance; Saill (Stop Abuse in Later Life)                                                                                                                                          Most of these services take place at the Muller Institute for Senior Health in Abington. Please visit the Abington Hospital Website https://www.abingtonhealth.org/services-specialties/senior-health/   .No referrals are needed. Please visit their website for information on contacting senior services at Abington-Jefferson Hospital. Thank you Sara for this very informative program.
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Paul Harris Fellow

CONGRATULATIONS to Rotarian Tom Bender who became a Paul Harris Fellow and received his pin this morning.The donations received through Rotary Foundation support many programs. Some of that money is returned to the District after three years (District Designated Funds) and used for grants which benefit local and global projects. Each district chooses which activities it will fund with these grants. 


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  •  Trivia night April 4th …Get your tables signed up! ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA   *NEW LOCATION* 321 Witmer Rd.
  • Jan 30 Area 7 mixer at Bernie's
  •  May 4  New Member Orientation. Stay tuned for more info.
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PHF +1 Congratulations Gary 

Congratulations to Rotarian Gary Chamberlain who received his second Paul Harris Fellow pin (one sapphire). 

 Gary (on right) is pictured here with Rotarian George Lewis, club Foundation Chairman.


PHF +1 Congratulations Gary  2020-01-22 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary International Website

Katrina gave the club a walk through of some of the things on the Rotary International website. This is an extremely useful site and has many learning modules which you can access and take courses related to Rotary, its areas of focus and other topics. If you have not joined, go to rotary.org and click on Join to establish your login. Once you have done that, go to MyRotary ,scroll to the bottom of the page and click on view my groups. This will take you to another page and on the right side of the page, you will see a heading "what do you want to do" with a dropdown menu. Click on the drop down and choose where you want to go and what you want to see.
Want to see your giving history? Click view my giving history and you can see what you have given to Rotary Foundation. Do you wish to make a donation to Rotary Foundation? Click on Make a donation. From this page you can make a donation to the Annual Fund. You can make a single donation or a recurring donation. (an amount you designate will automatically go to the annual fund monthly)
Currently our club is 4th of all 7430 clubs in giving to Rotary Foundation. Please take some time to explore the Rotary International website.
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ROTARY CLUB OF HATBORO 8th ANNUAL    Trivia Night    & Food Drive

WHEN:   Saturday, April 4, 2020 Doors Open 6:30pm, Trivia 7pm-10pm BYO dinner & drinks. Dessert provided. 
WHERE:  ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA   *NEW LOCATION* 321 Witmer Rd., Horsham   Please consider bringing non-perishable food  
                items to help local families in need. 
ENTRY FEE: $250 per team of up to 10 people.   Entry fee due by March 24th.  
REGISTRATION:  Please contact Tom Finerghty at tfinerghty@gmail.com.  Team info. due by March 18th.  
BENEFITING: Hatboro Rotary & St. Catherine of Siena Food Pantry 
                         Hatboro Rotary Club gives all money received back to the community! 
SPONSORS: Donate $250 or more and we’ll add your name/business to our sponsorship list!  
                $1,000  IN PRIZES FOR TRIVIA WINNERS! 1ST PLACE $500 2ND PLACE $300 3RD PLACE $200
                There will be other great prizes/giveaways throughout the night! 
               ALL CASH DONATED! 
Thank you to our Major Sponsor: Hatboro  Federal Savings

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Tim Elbertson ..Dept of Public Safety

Our speaker this morning was Tim Elbertson, Community Outreach Coordinator for Montgomery County Department of Public Safety. This was an extremely informative session regarding the programs associated with 911. Montco 911 serves 51 police departments,19 ambulance Co and 93 Fire Companies. Some things to know:  
  + If you call 911 from a landline, your address phone , name will automatically show on the 911 computer
  + If you call from a cell phone, this info will not be visible and in fact will ping off whatever tower your phone is using which may not even be close to where the emergency is.
  + You can text 911 
  + Identify your county when calling and if on cell, your location, municipality and nearest cross street.
Some VERY useful programs
Smart 911: Create a smart 911 cell phone app and create a safety profile with family information . Then when you call 911 this information
        will be available. You decide what information to include . Smart 911 asks for info relevant to aid emergency response. Get the app in Apple App Store or Google Play
Pulse Point: Do you know CPR? Pulse point will alert you to cardiac arrests in your vicinity (1/4 mile) .Get the app in apple App Store, or google play
Ready Montco: Source for notifications about severe weather, crime alert, disasters and other emergencies. www.ReadyMontco.org
For more information about the Department of Public Safety and other Montgomery County program please visit the website http://www.dps.montcopa.org/ 
Tim Elbertson ..Dept of Public Safety 2020-01-15 05:00:00Z 0

Welcome New Members

It is always a wonderful meeting when we are able to welcome new Rotarians.  Fabiana Gelbard and Stephanie Simon were inducted into the club this morning although over several weeks we have begun to get to know them. Pictured above are (left) Darlene Malone (sponsor) and Fabiana and (right) Linda Roehner (sponsor) and Stepanie. Service, helping and giving to this community are traits both new Rotarains share! Welcome to the club! 
Welcome New Members 2020-01-15 05:00:00Z 0


After a two week hiatus, it was wonderful to see everyone again.
  • It was a pleasure to have AG Mike Mueller with us along with DGE Janet Kolepp. 
  •  Please be sure to be here next week for the installation of Fabiana and Stephanie
  •  Jarred, although leaving the YMCA is NOT leaving us! He will be working nearby and remaining in this club.
  •  The New Year brings New Projects. Know of a service project we can be involved in? Pass the info on to President Linda.
WELCOME BACK 2020-01-08 05:00:00Z 0

Kim Porter..Be a Part of the Conversation

Welcome 2020! Today we were once again fortunate to have Kim Porter from "Be A Part of The Conversation" to bring us up to date. If you are not familiar with this organization, please visit their website https://conversation.zone/ . Have you had the conversation? Drug and alcohol addiction are problems both in our community and our world today. Don't think your children are taking drugs or alcohol, marijuana or vaping?? Think your children don't lie? Think again,that may not be the case. The time to begin educating your kids is early..elementary school? Yes. This organization has many programs for parents whether your child is addicted or not. (and programs for kids as well) I urge you to look at their website! Along with Kim today ,we had the pleasure to hear Colin speak about his journey with drugs and alcohol which began in middle school and continued for many years until his coworkers confronted him. Luckily , he listened and had their support as he navigates recovery. This is not his first time in recovery but IT IS the one which got through to him! He is sober three years and married with three children. Congratulations Colin!

Kim Porter..Be a Part of the Conversation 2020-01-08 05:00:00Z 0


Those of you who have visited the Hatboro YMCA might remember the Donors Wall which honored donors to the Y. Those were carefully taken down by Jarred and on Wednesday before he rushed off for the opening of the New Willow Grove Y, he presented the Rotary club of Hatboro Plaque to the club.

We wish the new Willow Grove YMCA much success!

OF INTEREST 2019-12-19 05:00:00Z 0

Polio Plus Support


Congratulations to out club for their support of Polio Plus. Presenting the citation to President Linda is  AG Area 7 Mike Mueller
Polio Plus Support 2019-12-19 05:00:00Z 0

Kevin Kelley Classification Speech

For those of you who missed the Weds meeting, you missed a very informative and entertaining bio of Rotarian Kevin Kelley (a face that greets you every Weds and is happy to take your money

Kevin has led a very active and interesting life and it will be fun to see where he goes from here. His Bio has been posted on the organization page under documents. Please, if you missed the talk, read his bio.

Thank you Kevin for sharing your story and the laughs!

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Madrigal Singers

Mr Jon Timmons, HHHS Director of Choral Activities joined us this morning with the Madrigal singers. An extemely talented group of young people, they have a very long engagement list during the fall and especially during Dec. You may hear them around town at other venues as well as in Philadelphia, and Baltimore. This evening Dec 11 at 7pm is the annual Winter JazzBand and Choirs Concert at Hatboro horsham High School. Thank you this very uplifting performance.

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Hatboro Rotary Packs for H.A.T.  Packs!

Posted by Barbara Schupeltz on Dec 04, 2019
Service Project: Packing food for children.
  Image may contain: 16 people, including Lisa Ann and Bob Johnston, people smiling
A small sampling of the food donated to H.A.T. Packs, more was provided through amazon smile. Hatboro Rotary donates
$802+ to H.A.T. Packs. The Hatboro Rotary crew and some family members made light work of packing 240 bags to be distributed to children throughout the Hatboro School District. You too can help...see below on how to donate.
Hatboro Rotary Packs for H.A.T. Packs! Barbara Schupeltz 2019-12-04 05:00:00Z 0

H.A.T (Helping Around Town) Packs

H.A.T Packs

We are happy to welcome back D.J Schultz and Erin Pease to our club. Along with Patsy Canoe Meck, these three ladies launched a program in Jan 2018 to help feed school children on the weekends. They started with 16 children in one school and now feed 250 in all Hatboro Horsham Schools. Approximately 30 % of the children in our schools participate in the free lunch program. What was discovered was children saving food on Friday to eat over the weekend. This program was created to fill that void over the weekends. Since its inception, the community has stepped up to not only donate food and funds but to help pack the weekly bags. How do they know the program is working? The only way to know is through the actions and demeanor of the children. Only the school guidance counselors know who is in the program and it is through them that we know the program has a positive effect on the children served. We are proud to partner with H.A.T Packs and will be packing bags this evening!  If you would like to donate, you can utilize Amazon to order needed items and they will be shipped directly to H.A.T. packs. More info can be obtained on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/HATPacks/about/?ref=page_internal. Go directly to Amazon to donate food items https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2A5F4D05VHF8K
H.A.T (Helping Around Town) Packs 2019-12-04 05:00:00Z 0

Fabiana Gelbard

Posted by Bob Johnston
Fabiana Gelbard from Claro Enterprise Solutions , 

She discussed  “cyber security” and we reviewed cyber-attacks and talked about IOT devices and how to follow 10 simple steps to protect your devices from being hacked. Here is the link for Claro Enterprise Solutions https://www.usclaro.com. Fabiana is a Global Account Director for her company, is a Hatboro resident, and a friend of Darlene Malone. She and her family are always involved and willing to help serving our community.

She will be happy to assist with any questions.”


Fabiana Gelbard Bob Johnston 2019-11-29 05:00:00Z 0

Dean Lawrence

Posted by Bob Johnston on Oct 30, 2019

 Dean Lawrence from Internet Data Technolgy presented various tips to enhance a business or organizations Google listing and to maximize the search engine process. Original content, images,proper sizing, detailed descriptions of the business products or services , logical page structure and key words in the message are vital to help folks looking for our websites. If we want people to find the company or our websites this is vital to be successful.

Dean Lawrence Bob Johnston 2019-10-30 04:00:00Z 0

Marshall Davis

.  Marshall Davis, of Davis Law in Bucks Co., spoke about law and non-profits. http://mhdesq.com/.
Davis Law of Bucks County includes service for non-profit and tax-exempt entities and offers assistance in leadership for 501C organizations. 
Hatboro Rotary is a 501C4 organization which indicates it is also a social organization.  Dues are not deductible.
Marshall Davis KMK 2019-10-23 04:00:00Z 1

Fred Moskowitz

Posted by Robert Johnston on Oct 16, 2019


Fred Moskowitz from Liberties Management Corporation gave a rousing presentation to the club this morning on "Taking Networking to the Next Level". Some key points from the presentation :
--Who can you call at 2 AM if you needed help? Who would call you at 2 AM if they needed help?
--Strategies for "connecting": What is the image of yourself you present to others? Dress, appearance, handshakes are first impressions. Be yourself, genuine but above all else be a positive person .
--How do you build relationships: You could cold call people or get introduced by someone. Best method is to get others to know of you first , before you meet them.
--How to get other to know you first: write articles, join Rotary, get involved in leadership of Rotary, social media and join the rapidly expanding world of Podcasts. Who listens to the Hatboro Rotary podcasts that our President does each month?
Fred Moskowitz Robert Johnston 2019-10-16 04:00:00Z 0

John Richards..Operation Homefront

  Operation Homefront works to serve military families in time of need. They provide a wide variety of services to help families such as financial assistance ,housing programs, family support during holidays and back to school needs. Started in Texas  in 2002, Operation Homefront is now nation wide. Pennsylvania has a large number of Reserves and National guard who are currently serving and need assistance. The local organization which covers PA,NJ,DE as well as others up to and including Maine services mostly E1-E6 although if there is a need in other rates and ranks, it will be addressed. There is a vetting process and grants versus loans are provided meaning the money goes directly to a vendor not as a loan to the family. https://www.operationhomefront.org/. Hatboro Rotary is proud to support this organization.
John Richards..Operation Homefront 2019-10-09 04:00:00Z 0

Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Today we welcomed Tony Leidy from Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center. This was a heart warming presentation regarding equestrian training for  people of all ages with unique disabilities and medical needs. It is an accepting and safe environment for  those with many challenges in their lives. Their many programs concentrate on goals and needs of each individual in the program. I strongly urge you to visit their web page and read about the their mission, the many programs, the clients, resources for parents, ways to volunteer and much more. http://www.ivyhillequestrian.org/
Please watch the video below. Sophia is Tony and John Leidy's daughter and has been going to Ivy Hill for many years. This video is being used with permission from the family.
Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center 2019-10-02 04:00:00Z 0

Erin Simmons...Big Brothers/Big sisters of Bucks Cty

  You may have heard the reference to "Bigs" and "Littles" but never asked what that meant. Bucks County Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization is a Mentoring program that matches up volunteers with children. A "Big" is an adult volunteer mentor that is supportive and encouraging, is willing to spend time wit a young person and among other things, loves to laugh and have fun and cares about the future of youth. A "Little" is a child in the program (age 7-13), faces varying degrees of adversity, comes from a variety of backgrounds and among other things wants help navigating the challenges of growing up. There are basically 2 types of programs: Community where the Big meets 2 times a month for 2 hours with his/her Little. The second type is school based (STEM Based) where volunteers go into the schools and work with children on STEM focused activities. Currently there are 450 in the program and 250 on a waiting list.  But the waiting list people are not ignored..there is a program called "A Little Time" that sets up group activities 3 times a year for those on the wait list. For more comprehensive information regarding big Brothers and Big Sisters, please visit their website https://bbbsbc.org/.
and neighboring Big Brothers/Big Sisters organizations.  https://www.independencebigs.org/.
Erin Simmons...Big Brothers/Big sisters of Bucks Cty 2019-09-25 04:00:00Z 0

Ever Wonder ???

  Steak Steak and more Steak! Here's what they look like right from the store!
Ever Wonder ??? 2019-09-18 04:00:00Z 0

Jillian Barton..Hearing Loss

  Today, Club Rotarian Jillian Barton gave an excellent presentation on Hearing Loss. She took us on a very personal journey of her own hearing loss which was diagnosed at a very young age. Hearing can range from normal to profound hearing loss. Hearing loss can lead to many side effects, slow development, lying, decreased social interaction, depression, isolation, irritability, loneliness, balance issues, tinnitus and more.  People with hearing loss may find it hard to have conversations with friends and family. They may also have trouble understanding a doctor's advice, responding to warnings, and hearing doorbells and alarms. There have been some studies that conclude that there is cognitive decline with hearing loss which can lead to early onset dementia. There are many types of hearing aids which treat different types of loss. If you think you have a loss of hearing, be sure to be tested by a licensed audiologist. There is a wealth of information  at https://www.starkey.com/ . Thanks Jillian!!
Jillian Barton..Hearing Loss 2019-09-18 04:00:00Z 0

Adopted by Hatboro Rotary

On September 26 the HealthLink Dental Clinic will throughout the day,  post on Facebook and Instagram about the patients they serve and the dental services they provide - all made possible by Hatboro rotary club donation to the clinic.  This is a great time to like, share and/or make comments on their posts - and get it in front of as many people as possible.  www.healthlinkdental.org


Adopted by Hatboro Rotary 2019-09-11 04:00:00Z 0


  • Oct 5... .Habitat Rock the Block
  • Oct 12...Purple Pinkie Race to Zero
  • Oct 12...Warrington Rotary Cornhole Tournament
  • Nov 2....Willow Grove Rotary Casino Night
  • Apr 4....Trivia Night at St Catherine's of Sienna
UPCOMING EVENTS 2019-09-11 04:00:00Z 0

Habitat for Humanity

  This morning ,Sep 11, 2019 , we welcomed Cara Przybylowicz, Volunteer and Community relations Manager for Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery and Delaware Counties. Most people only think of building houses when speaking of Habitat for Humanity but that is not the case. The application for a home is a blind application, no one knows who is applying. The people who receive the homes do pay a mortgage,( the homes are not free) and the home could be either a revitalized home versus a new build. Other programs include "Almost Home", a 6 week financial literacy course which meets 2 times a week.
"Rock the Block" is a yearly event which gets volunteers to "clean up" a neighborhood. This year's event is in Norristown on Oct 5th from 8-2. Please consider volunteering! There is much more to Habitat, so please visit their website http://www.habitatmontdelco.org. Also Habitat for Humanity is a partner organization of Rotary International. If you are interested in helping at Rock the Block (you do not have to be a Rotarian), contact Cara at cara@habitatmontdelco.org
Habitat for Humanity 2019-09-11 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Foundation

Congratulations to club member Barb Schupeltz for receiving her PHF+8 pin from club foundation chair George Lewis. Barb also became a member of the Paul Harris Society. What does that mean? To become a member of the Paul Harris Society, a member pledges $1000 a year to foundation. PHF recognition pins begin with a $1000 donation..With each $1000 donation, recognition consists of a pin with additional stones. What does donating to Foundation do for this district?

At the end of every Rotary year, contributions directed to the Annual Fund-SHARE from all Rotary clubs in the district are divided between the World Fund and the District Designated Fund, or DDF. At the end of three years, your district can use the DDF to pay for Foundation, club, and district projects that your club and others in the district choose. Districts may use up to half of their DDF to fund . The remaining DDF may be used for or donated to PolioPlus, the Rotary Peace Centers, or another district. Its easy to donate...you can donate through your club foundation chair or donate online through the Rotary International website. You can give as much or as little as you wish..it all counts! I urge all club members to donate!

Rotary Foundation 2019-07-31 04:00:00Z 0

Welcome New Member

  Welcome new member Nancy Guenst (or should I say returning as Nancy had been a member at one time). We are so pleased that you have returned to Rotary. Nancy was introduced by her sponsor Bob Johnston. Nancy is well known in the community currently serving as the Mayor of Hatboro and has lived here her whole life. She is also an Army veteran. Nancy epitomizes "Service above Self". congratulations and welcome!
Welcome New Member 2019-07-31 04:00:00Z 0

Service Project Update

Service Project update!
Every Year Hatboro Rotary Members partner with the Hatboro YMCA to build,weed and replant community gardens.
Tony, a "Y" staff member tends the gardens and this year has to date been able to donate 200
pounds of tomatoes and other veggies to the local food pantry. Thanks Tony for all that you do!
Service Project Update 2019-07-29 04:00:00Z 0

Kate Sample..Sunshine Foundation

  Today we welcomed Kate Sample from the Sunshine Foundation. What is the sunshine Foundation, you ask? 43 years ago Bill Sample founded the first ever Wish Granting Organization. It is a direct service organization that fills dreams and wishes of children that do not have life threatening illnesses and condition. They reach out to children with conditions such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, severe autism, cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, Muscular dystrophy, sickle cell disease , leukemia and other conditions. Please go to their website for more information including how to make a request for a dream, what the criteria is to receive a dream and how you can support this organization. https://www.sunshinefoundation.org/ . Kate receives a donation from Hatboro Rotary President Linda.
Kate Sample..Sunshine Foundation 2019-07-24 04:00:00Z 0


  The success of so many projects is because of people like Tony Purich, Gary Nice, and Tony Foster. Tribal Challenge is a prime example. These three gentlemen gave countless hours to setting up, answering "help" calls when something went amiss and tearing down and cleaning up after the event. When we as volunteers arrive to take our places at each obstacle, everything we need is there. That doesn't happen by itself....people have to do it!. It is a pleasure to work with and recognize these three gentlemen. Always with a smile, always willing to help and always serving this community, thank you!
THANK YOU! 2019-07-24 04:00:00Z 0

The Millbrook Society

  We were pleased to have Ralph Ciaudelli and Linwood Magaha, Sr. update us on the happenings at the Millbrook Society. Millbrook Society was established in 1984 at the request of the the late Mrs. Charles Harper Smith of Horsham. The mission of the society is the preservation and education of Hatboro History. This is done through Preservation..Protecting and acquiring artifacts, manuscripts and documents; Protection..archaeology, recording and researching historical data; and Education..educational programs/presentations,publications and reenactments. The Millbrook Society and the Amy B. Yerkes Museum are located on the second floor of the historic Hatboro Baptist Church on York Road in the heart of Hatboro.  They are open most Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30. The Millbrook Society is a non profit organization and can always use volunteers. Are you interested in genealogy, archaeology, research? This could be the organization for you! Find out more by visiting their websitehttp://www.millbrooksociety.org/mbs/home.ashx.  Past President Darlene Malone was pleased to present a donation to the Millbrook Society from the Hatboro Rotary Club.
The Millbrook Society 2019-07-17 04:00:00Z 0

Club News

CONGRATULATIONS to Jack Groves who celebrated 50 years as a Rotarian on June 20th!  Jack joined Hatboro Rotary in 1969, was club President 1979-80, became a Paul Harris Fellow in 1988 and has been and continues to be the club treasurer. Thank you for all that you do for this club!
  CONGRATULATIONS to Joanne Scott recipient of a $500 Rotary Scholarship to University of the Arts
 to study Graphic Design. Jojo got interested in Graphic Design while studying Commercial Art at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology. We wish you well as you begin your journey.
Village Players.
Everyone had a great time at the Village Players "Biloxi Blues"
The club raised $1200 for our community Programs
Mark your calendars: July 10 5-9pm. Please contact Katrina Sullivan if you are volunteering to help out that night. This is always a great fund raiser and fun night! Happy hour follows at MaGerk's!
Buy a chance for $20.00 to win Season Tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles. The tickets include 2 seats to all preseason and regular season home games, but do not include the Playoff option.The Seats are located at Section 108, Row 38, Seats 5 and 6. The Drawing will be held on August 6, 2019 at Giuseppe's Pizza in Warminster, PA at 12:45PM. Tickets can be purchased by Cash or Check (made payable to Warminster Rotary Foundation) and obtained from any Warminster Rotarian or by calling Sean Friedland (sfriedland@fandgagency) 267-257-2002 or Nello Ianieri 267-669-7776. Visit their website warminsterrotary.org to order online
Warrington :
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  Thank you Darlene for stepping up and becoming President of this great club for the year 2018-2019. You have been an INSPIRATION and done a FABULOUS job moving this club forward. It is time now to step back, relax and know that your leadership was appreciated. Thank you again for all your hard work.
THANK YOU DARLENE 2019-06-26 04:00:00Z 0


  Congratulations Lisa Grace for winning the 50/50 ($333)
   This morning we bid farewell to Jim Heilman. Jim and his wife Ginni are relocating permanently to Florida. Jim has been a club member since 2007 , was President in 2012-13, is a Paul Harris Fellow and has been active in many club activities. He has over the last several years been the Chairman of the very successful Lobster Pot. We will definitely miss you Jim but wish you well on your new adventures.
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NO Meeting on July 3rd!! 2019-06-19 04:00:00Z 0

Margaret Fitzpatrick  ,Physical Therapy

  We were pleased to welcome Margaret Fitzpatrick back to the club to speak on the subject of pain. Margaret holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has offices in Hatboro and Willow Grove. Pain affects more people then diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease. The US has 4.5% of the world's population and 80% of the world's opioid painkillers. Pain is complex. So many times, it is people in the medical field that scare clients into believing that something is seriously wrong when it is really the normal aging process. Pain results from multiple issues not merely tissue damage. Before filling a prescription for opioids, make an appointment with your physical therapist. There is a great deal more information on their website and I encourage all of you to follow the link. http://www.willowgrovept.com/index.html Click on the link on the left for pain management. The best medicine is to Move, Move Move! As they say on their website "Spring is in the air! Get out and enjoy nature. Take a walk, take a hike, just move your body! Movement/Exercise is the best medicine!".
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Harmony Theater

Jacquelyn Mullock, Executive Director

The Harmony Theater, Inc. mission is to create, support, and offer opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities as members of Harmony Theater, so that they may participate in performing arts activities as an avenue for self-expression, social interaction and community connection. 

The Harmony Directors Group mission is to consistently provide developmentally appropriate enrichment activities through the performing arts for adults with developmental disabilities.

Harmony Theater, a [501c3 non-profit corporation], is a creative performance environment which enriches the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. The theater produces two yearly events including a Fall Concert that features the vocal talents of our participants and a Spring Musical which combines the actors’ acting, vocal, and dancing abilities.  Through weekly Saturday rehearsals, activities, and events, Harmony Theater participants enjoy a safe, nurturing, creative environment where they can build friendships, transition into adult social life, and develop life skills in the ‘Harmony Theater Family’.
Harmony Theater, which enriches the lives of adults with developmental disabilities, began in 1994 as a performing arts collaborative sponsored by Gwynedd Mercy College, Indian Creek Foundation, and the Developmental Enterprises Corp.  In 2013, Harmony Theater Inc became a private, non-profit [501c3] corporation and currently rehearsals and  performances are held at the Episcopal Church of the Messiah, Rt 202, Lower Gwynedd, PA. 
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Lloyd Bashkin..Integrative Marketing and Management

  Let's talk "thin slicing"..what does that mean? Thin-slicing is a term used in psychology to describe the ability to find patterns in events based only on "thin slices", or narrow windows, of experience. The term means making very quick inferences about the state, characteristics or details of an individual or situation with minimal amounts of information. Factors which influence thin slicing..1. Visual, are your decisions based on what you see and your past experiences. 2. Consistency..are you looking for inconsistencies, do past experiences cause anxiety and questions. 3. Authenticity..is it authentic, is the sales person authentic. Decisions are intuitive and often instantaneous. How long did it take for you to decide to take the lower priced item vs the higher priced item and why did you make the choice you did. Hmm..something to think about. For more about Lloyd check click the link https://www.linkedin.com/in/lloydbashkin
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Earth Day Service Project

Many thanks to Rotarians, their families and YMCA staff for spending a few hours weeding, raking, mulching and planting the community gardens. The food will go to the Lehman Church Food Pantry . Below are a few pics from the morning!
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Thank You Mike and Karen

  Thank you Mike and Karen (not pictured) for your generous donation to Shelter Box.
 Pictured with Mike (on Left) is Club Shelter Box Chairman Jesse accepting the donation.
All that loose change you don't like carrying around can help us purchase another Shelter Box.
Grab a container and save your change!!!!
Thank You Mike and Karen 2019-04-17 04:00:00Z 0

Dave Czarnecki, District Membership Chairman

  so you are searching for new and younger club members?. Its important to build relationships with people in the community..the restaurant owner, the Mayor, the members of the chamber. Seek to build your club by constantly working with and building a relationship with people. Maybe starting a satellite service club will help to bring in new members. The district website has some great resources to help out attracting and retaining members  https://rotarydistrict7430.org/sitepage/attracting-new-members . https://rotarydistrict7430.org/sitepage/member-retention. Please take a moment and click on the links above.
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Council on Legislation

Are you interested in knowing what changes are being adopted for Rotary?? The Council is Rotary's version of a congress. Every three years, representatives selected by their districts gather to consider proposals designed to move Rotary forward and adapt to the changing times. You can follow along on and get live updates https://www.rotary.org/en/live-updates-council-legislation-2019.
The Council approved an action. The vote is an endorsement of aggressively seeking a more diverse membership. The measure will add a sentence in the bylaws on membership that specifies that "each club shall endeavor to build a well-balanced membership that celebrates diversity." Its advocates argued that it is not enough just to say "you can come in. We have to prove our desire for diversity with our actions and our priorities."
Another approval went  toward the term of office for a club if no one steps forward. Approved by the Council 279-225, the measure specifies that a president's term shall only be extended by one year if no one comes forward to take over.
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  • Earth Day Apr 22 9-12..come help plant this years crops at the Hatboro Y. Please let Darlene know if you can come help with this annual Service Project.
  • Charter Night May21 at Buona Via Restaurant 5:30 cocktails and 6:30 dinner
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Amanda Gershanick... Ben Wilson Senior Activities  Center

  Amanda Gershanick is the Nutrition Service Coordinator at Ben Wilson Senior Activity Center in Warminster.
 Amanda also works with other organizations including the Bucks County Area Agency on aging. The Ben wilson Center is one of the largest and busiest Center. It provides many activities both at the center and also outside the center such as trips to places like Mohegan sun, Lunch at local restaurants and trips to local plays. Activities in the center include art class, aerobics, bingo, bridge, mhjongg , line dancing, pool, to name a few. an upcoming event on May 11 from 11-3 at Warminster Community Park is called "Arts and Barks". There will be vendors, food trucks, dogs for adoption and much more.
For more information please go to the Ben Wilson Website http://www.bwsac.org. There are many activities at this Center so please go to their website.
Amanda Gershanick... Ben Wilson Senior Activities Center 2019-04-10 04:00:00Z 0


      ???? Sorry, no picture
There were many prizes handed out that night for answering bonus questions and multiple prizes associated with the 50/50 tickets. It was great to see our HHHS Interact club participating AND one of the students won the 50/50 cash prize of >$300. Congratulations!
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Jeannine Delwiche and Michael Celec

This Morning we welcomed Jeannine Delwiche from the Hatboro Library Yes committee and Library director Michael Celec. The Union Library of Hatborough is the third oldest in Pennsylvania, and the second oldest library to be operating under the original charter. The library was moved from house to house until the present building was built in 1849. The library building is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Library's budget has fallen well behind neighboring libraries and while getting support from the Borough and other organizations, the amount of support may change yearly. The YES committee has a question on the May ballot asking that the Borough establish a special library tax on all taxable real estate within the Borough to provide for the maintenance and aid to the Library. To learn more please visit this website https://www.yeshatborolibrary.org/
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National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  ENDING THE SILENCE! today we welcomed Laura Pepe the Coordinator of Bucks County NAMI and Nicholas Emeigh the Outreach and Development Director of Bucks County NAMI. NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of people affected by mental illness. they provide education,advocacy and support for those living with mental illness. They do educational programs to students, staff and teachers at the middle and high school levels. Suicide awareness is done at all school levels. Nicholas gave an excellent talk on his personal journey and as a result others in the audience opened up about people they knew and their struggles...isn't that what awareness and ending the silence does? Opens dialog and works toward fighting the stigma of mental illness. This was an excellent program. Please visit their website https://namibuckspa.org/ for more information on their programs and how to contact them. Please join NAMI for their 5k walk for Mental Health on May 18 at 1pm at Warminster Community Park. If you can't walk, would like to see what other things will be happening at the walk or would like to make a monetary donation, please go to this website http://www.namibucksstride.org/. Thank you both for this excellent and informative presentation.
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 2019-03-27 04:00:00Z 0

Area 7 Happy Hour!

What a fun Area 7 Happy Hour. A great way to meet members of other clubs and exchange ideas.
Didn't come????? Be sure and come to the next one!!!
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Bill Walker..Horsham Township Manager

This morning we welcomed the Horsham Township Manager to update us on the proposed and current projects in Horsham. Horsham grew by 41 new businesses in 2018 and continues to grow. Some of the recent happenings are renovation of the softball and baseball fields,full time police in the High School, body cams for Police are being purchased, new sidewalks, widening of major roadways, new LED lighting proposed for business areas, proposed apartments across from business district and several other projects. The township is also looking into having a restaurant week (there are 61 restaurants in Horsham) and researching the use of shuttle buses to transport people from Hatboro and Ambler train stations to work at the business district. Horsham is recognized as one of the 50 safest place to live in PA. Further information especially regarding the status of water and the Navy Base site can be found at https://horsham.org/.
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Cindy Murphy and Joanne Corless

  Cindy Murphy from the Comprehensive Learning Center, an education and treatment program serving individuals with autism joined us today to talk about the spectrum of autism and the current treatment at the learning center.  The  focus of their program is on maximizing the potential of individuals with autism from preschool through adulthood by providing intensive and comprehensive state-of-the-art education and behavioral services based on the scientifically validated procedures of Applied Behavior The staff to student ratio is highly individualized and determined by the skill level of the student. The ratio is relatively small when students begin but increased as students become more independent. Joanne Corliss runs the financial arm of the  Comprehensive Learning Center as well as educating the public and community about autism. To read more about these programs, please visit their websites http://www.ajfoundation.org/ and http://clcschoolprograms.org/. Thank you Cindy and Joanne.
Cindy Murphy and Joanne Corless 2019-03-13 04:00:00Z 0

Patrick McFarland..Ultimate Achievement Group

  We welcomed the very talented Pat McFarland to the club this morning. Pat is self employed with the Ultimate Achievement Group LLC in Newtown,PA. Pat is a singer, life coach, former ABA basketball player with the Denver Nuggets/Rockets and played many different sports for St Joseph's University. Pat grew up believing you could be anything you want to be as long as you believe. He was drafted by NY Knicks but was angry that they changed his contract at the last minute and made the decision to go to Denver instead. He believes we make decisions based on one of two things..our social self (ego) based on what's in it for me or our soul self.. doing something that might no feel right at the moment but brings greater happiness and prosperity. Take the emotion out of the decision making process. Pat is a life coach and believes Responsibility is the ability to respond and it defines who you are.You can hear him sing and speak at the Newtown Theater Mar 14 2019 7-9PM https://www.thenewtowntheatre.com/events/2019/3/14/pat-the-hat-mcfarland-what-are-you-going-to-do-now
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Mark Your Calendars

  • Mar 6 at WK Bray Lodge Chamber Luncheon
  • Mar 21 at Buena Villa Area 7 Happy Hour..
  • Apr 6 at St John Bosco.Trivia Night
  • May 21 at Buena Villa Charter Night
  • Jul 10 Tribal Challenge
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Tony Kanak..Sales Evolution

  This morning we welcomed Tony Kanak from Sales Evolution. Using Sun Tzu's  "Art of War", Tony took us on a journey by applying the principles in this book to achieving success in business. The challenge in selling isn't the material or what you are selling but it lies in your ability to execute. Sales evolution provides services such as sales coaching, sales training, sales hiring, sales management, and sales triage (analysis). For more information on what Sales Evolution can help you with then please go to their website NO Googling allowed. https://www.salesevolution.com/ Thank you for joining us today.
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What to do on a snowy day??

  Help pack food items for kids!! Rotarians Kathy Salemno, Barb Schupeltz and Tom Post, joined several volunteers to pack 172 bags of food for children in our area schools...each bag had milk, juice, two hot meals, fruit, granola bar,peanut butter, cereal, oatmeal, raisins, pudding and a couple of snacks. Two of the founders of this program Patsy Cannoe Meck and Denise Schultz are pictured here also. This program started with 16 children being served and has now grown to 172. Please donate. You can donate directly through Amazon (and items will be delivered directly to Hat Packs) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2A5F4D05VHF8K , or you can drop off donations at Hatboro Federal Savings. Also DINE at MaGerk's in Horsham on Thursday March 7th, tell your server "I'm here for H.A.T. Packs" and MaGerk's will DONATE 15% of the sales  to H.A.T. Packs.Thank you for supporting this wonderful program!
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Leo Quinn..Rotary Foundation

  Today we welcomed Rotarian Leo Quinn from the Warminster Rotary Club to speak to us about Rotary Foundation. Foundation funds many sustainable service projects around the world as well as locally. More then 90 % of your donation goes directly to supporting service projects including Polio Plus. Think about it..A child can be protected from Polio for as little as 60cents. Foundation is a well respected charity and carries 4 stars, the highest rating from charity navigator. An added benefit is that in three years time..money will be returned to the district for use as grant money for district clubs so be sure to donate to foundation!!
Thank you Leo!
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Kristin Hillsley and Patrick Foley..Winning at Retirement

Kristin Hillsley and Patrick Foley

  This morning we welcome Kristin and Patrick from the Baird Foley Hillsley Group http://www.bairdfinancialadvisor.com/foleyhillsleygroup/index.htm. Together Pat and Kristin have authored a book "Winning at Retirement" which is a step by step guide to being happy in post-work life. This is a practical, inspirational and entertaining look at the process of seeking happiness in what they describe as your best years...retirement.In short, they concentrate on 3 keys to increase happiness 1. Health and  Wellness including a positive attitude 2. Financial Security 3 Purpose..your identity in retirement. Do you have a passion for something such as politics, helping charity organizations, taking up something you formerly did as a hobby but can now devote more time to it.
There is a wealth of information in the book, such as navigating medicare, financial management, estate planning goals, choosing where to live. We thank Pat and Kristin for sharing this interesting topic with us this morning. Click on the link above to communicate with them.
Kristin Hillsley and Patrick Foley..Winning at Retirement 2019-02-13 05:00:00Z 0
Trivia Night 2019-02-13 05:00:00Z 0

Rachel Baum..My Sister's Choice

   This morning we welcomed Rachel Baum from My Sisters Choice, Fort Washington PA. This organization provides in home care for the elderly . Both Companion care and personal care can be provided.  One of the  growing problems in the senior communities is Cybersecurity ...over 25 million people are victims, 15% seniors over 60. Some reasons seniors are more susceptible : 1. Seniors most likely have a nest egg,own their own home, and have excellent credit  2. Seniors were raised to be polite and trusting which often makes it difficult for them to just hang up  the phone. 3. They are less likely to report fraud. 4. If they do report it, they are likely to be poor witnesses due to poor memory.  Care givers are always on the lookout for signs that their clients have a a victim of these scams and fraud including protecting them from phishing.   My sisters Choice offers many and varied services which can be found on their website https://my-sisterschoice.com/services/ . Services provided are customized based on client needs.
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Induction of New Members

Today Rotarian Russ inducted two members to Hatboro Rotary; Lisa Grace (2nd from left) and Bert Gottbrecht (2nd from
right). Bret receives his pin from his sponsor Bob Johnston ; Lisa with her sponsor Jillian Barton
Induction of New Members 2019-01-30 05:00:00Z 0

Terri O'Donnell

Terri is a professional life coach who help clients discover their professional and personal potential through self-discovery.Coaches see the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believe in the clients creativity and resourcefulness.. Basically coaches "help people step into the largest version of themselves". Do you want to design your own solutions to help you achieve specific goals and desires?...consider life coaching.Are you stuck at a crossroads in your life but believe there is more to discover in both your personal and professional life? Take a look at Terri's webpage and the algorithm  https://www.yellowbrickroadcoaching.com/when-is-coaching-right-for-you-.html
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Jan 19-20 Rotary/Hatboro Y Partnership was great. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped.We also had cash donations as well..everything will be split between the three food pantries! This is Sat Morning Crews!
Jan 20 12-1:30 Church of the Advent: A Celebration of the 1st Anniversary of H.A.T. Packs.
Feb 9  Borough Ball. Rotarian Gary Chamberlain will be one of the ward recipients!
Jun 7,8,9 Camp Erin, a camp for grieving children is Looking for volunteers for the summer camp. For more info, contact Rotarian Kevin or go online for the application https://www.pennmedicine.org/for-patients-and-visitors/find-a-program-or-service/home-care-and-hospice/bereavement-services/camp-erin/volunteer-application
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Diane Hegele Borough Manager

  We were pleased to have with us this morning Diane Hegele, Hatboro Borurgh Manager. Diane gave us an excellent update on the borough. In 2018, there began many changes such as younger officials joining the Council board; new records management system including digitizing minutes reaching back to the early years; accepting credit cards for  payment on certain things; establishing a Human Relations Committee; electing a new tax collector; revitalizing Mainstreet and many more improvements to this community. A lot of interest was shown by the club who had many questions. Thank you for sharing with us as we all continue to support Hatboro.
Diane Hegele Borough Manager 2019-01-16 05:00:00Z 0
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2019-01-02 05:00:00Z 0

Dr Dean DePice

  Today we welcomed Dr. Dean De Pice to Hatboro Rotary. Dr. Dean is a practicing Chiropractor and member of the Willow Grove Rotary. He has been actively involved in think tanks,travels around the world speaking on Health Reform. A member of Octagon, a chiropractic think tank, established to create dialog on health care and the human endeavor. One of its goals is to promote healthier behaviors, goals, and responsibilities in the individual before health problems arise. An individual that is educated, healthy and competent is more difficult to lead then one who is frighten and demoralized and thus easily controlled. Stressing a healthier lifestyle, diet ,exercise,no smoking, and stress management is a better prescription for health then medications. The number one cause of death is not heart disease or cancer as you would expect but personal decisions. Personal choices such as various addictions, overeating, suicide are all examples of personal choices which often lead to death. We all play a part in preventing and promoting healthier life stlyes with better food choices, 30 minutes of exercise a day (3.5 hrs per week), stress management and other alternative choices. Think about it!
Dr Dean DePice 2019-01-02 05:00:00Z 0