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Paul Harris Fellow

  Congratulations to Rotarian Barb Schupeltz who received a
  PHF +7 pin. Regular donations to Rotary Foundation helps to support
  the many service projects around the world which support
  Rotary's major causes...promoting peace, providing clean water, saving
mothers and children, supporting education, fighting disease and growing local economies.
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THINK LOBSTER!!! We are not the only Lobster lovers. Grove Oklahoma, population 6700 with 100000 visitors who are drawn to Grand Lake o' the Cherokees. The rotary club of Grove is THE club to belong to in grove. In 2018, they had a membership of 180! For years they met at a beloved greasy spoon 6 miles from the town center but in 2011 decided to look for a new place. They tried several places until they settled at a church recreation center. About the time of the move, a member  recommended the club put on a lobster fundraiser at $60 a person. There were skeptics! Who would pay that much??? But pay they did...300 people showed up and the club had a net profit of $35000 which they turned over to the local YMCA which was in jeopardy of closing. The entire community helps out to cook and serve...as a result, the club has gotten new members as they learn about what the club does for the community! Bravo Grove Rotary!
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 SPEAKER: Michael Celec, Union Library of Hatboro

  Today we welcomed Michael Celec, Director of the Library. I'm sure we remember the library when we were younger...
  you went there for books! The library of today is different, yes you get books there but they do so much more.
  Hatboro Library has a storytime 3x a week for children, books for sale, space for meetings, free access to ancestry,
  electronic resources for doing research , yoga classes, a lego club, teen book club and a fun time of doing messy
  science experiments. Come out and explore your library. Have a library card from another area library?..present it
  at the desk and get into the Hatboro system. For more information about the library and what activities are going
                         on go to http://hatborolibrary.org/. Thank you Michael for spending your morning with the Hatboro Rotary
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SPEAKER: Nancy Szamborski, Executive director willow Grove Community Development Corporation
The Mission of WGCDC is to help families and individuals by providing affordable housing.                        
Currently they provide more than 58 quality, affordable rental housing units in over 47 properties throughout Eastern Montgomery County, including Abington Township, Ambler Borough, Hatboro, Horsham Township, and Upper Moreland Township. In 2017, over 800 households of about 1500 people received program assistance. Willow Grove CDC’s free community service programs help lower-income neighbors by providing income tax preparation; by offering budgeting and home buyer education; and by providing food, vouchers, and nutrition education to Montgomery County senior citizens. For more information go to their website http://www.willowgrovecdc.org/
Thank you Nancy for this informative program!
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The tickets include 2 seats to all preseason and regular season home games, but do not include the Playoff option. The Seats are located at Section 108, Row 38, Seats 5 and 6.  The chances to win are 1-750 with our expectation that 600 tickets will be sold. 
The Drawing will be held on August 7, 2018 at Giuseppe's Pizza in Warminster, PA at 12:45PM. Tickets can be purchased by Cash or Check (made payable to Warminster Rotary Foundation) and obtained from any Warminster Rotarian or by calling Sean Friedland (sfriedland@fandgagency) 267-257-2002 or Nello Ianieri 267-669-7776.
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The HHEF is a Non-Profit©(3).  Since its inception in 1987, The HHEF ( Hatboro  Horsham Educational Foundation)  has provided more than 1 million dollars in Innovative Learning Grants to teachers and principals for projects that enrich the district’s curriculum and public education. Stephanie also presented a replica of the Mural from Blair Mill Elementary School in memory of Nancy Doherty, Principal of Blair Mill who passed away Dec 14, 2016.

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In December we welcomed new club member Kevin Kelley,
  Welcome Kevin! Kathy Salemno is Kevin's sponsor
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 Born in Charleston into a large family, Mike had a wandering spirit from the very beginning. He ventured to Kentucky after high school, took up scuba diving at an early age, had a strong interest in the sciences, graduated college with a major in Biology and a minor in chemistry. In 1966, after graduating college, and although wanting to continue with school, he decided to look into the Air force. (He expected he would get drafted so wanted to choose his own fate!) At the recruiting office, he told the recruiter he wanted to fly, although he had zero experience or training. He was told he had to take a battery of tests, which he did and never waiver from his mantra "I want to fly". He received a call from the Air Force telling him he needed to fly to Dayton for a flight physical. Mike asked if he passed the tests and apparently he must have. (many pilots had taken the test and didn't pass it!). Thus began Mike's journey! He was sent to Officer Training School and then B-66 fighter training. He was off to Japan and on a night when his squadron gave a party for the incoming DOD teachers, Mike walked in straight off of a flight and met Karen! They are still together after 48 years. So where has he been? Japan, Korea, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Macau, Okinawa, Germany , Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand,  Florida, Las Vegas, California, Georgia and many places in between! After he retired, he spent 20 years with Lockheed in California helping to design the F-22. After retiring from Lockheed, he and Karen settled in Hatboro. Thanks Mike for sharing!
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  Karen White Kearns Classification Speech: Today we learned more about New Member Karen White Kearns.
Karen was born at Abington Hospital, daughter of Morris White  and Martha (Hetzel). She grew up in Hatboro, attended Meadowbrook Elementary, Loller and Hatboro Horsham. She was active in Future Teachers of America and a member of the HH colored Guard. She graduated from Shippensburg State in 1965 with a BS in Elementary Education and Library Science. She later graduated from the University of Miami with an MS in Instructional Technology. She held positions at Hallowell Elementary School, Rydal Elementary, and Abington. In 1966 she traveled to Europe and to feed her travel bug, she made her own clothes and saved her money. In 1969 she heard about the DODDS program (Department of Defense Dependents Schools) program. Her first assignment was to Japan, where she met and married Mike Kearns. She worked at several places in mainland Japan,and on the island of Okinawa. She also volunteered for the Red Cross. After Japan, their assignments took them to Fort Worth Texas, Penna (while Mike was in S.Korea), Germany (Spangdahlem and Bitburg), Florida, Las Vegas, California, and Georgia. In Georgia, she volunteered at Zoo Atlanta (16 years) as a Docent, Research Librarian and Animal Handler. In 2003 she was the Teacher of the Year. In 2007 she studied and became a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. (this is a type of acupressure). Mike and Karen have no children of their own however she keeps in touch with many of her former students, has hosted 2 foreign Exchange Students (from Germany and Japan). Over the years, they have had 13 cats and 3 dogs (currently 3 cats and 2 dogs). Hobbies include gardening, working with animals, travel and driving MGs. Karen joined Rotary as she was looking for a direction for volunteering and donating of funds where she could see her monies going to good use. She was looking for a way to serve Hatboro. Welcome to the club Karen. We are so glad you joined us!
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New to Hatboro Rotary is Jarred Barnes. Jarred transferred from the Upper Darby Lansdowne Rotary Club. He joined Rotary in 2015 and joined Hatboro Club in June 2017. Jarred is the Capital Campaign Manager for the YMCA. Jarred is our club's youngest member, born in 1990 in Pittsburgh, went to South Allegheny High, and Lehigh University. In college, he was the 2013 class president, played baseball, has two degrees in Political Science and worked as a graduate assistant. He is a Freemason. Scouting is important to him and he was awarded the Cliff Dochterman Award, a Scouting Service Award for Rotarians and Rortoractors awarded to those who are role models, and render distinguished and dedicated service to Scouting through active service, leadership and contributions to the Scout Association of their home country. Jarred has worn many Hats over the years and he shared those with us. Welcome to the club Jarred!
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We were happy to welcome DG Rick for his official visit to our club this morning. Rick and his wife Susan have two children (his son is also a Rotarian). Rick spoke about some of his goals for this year, #1 being membership retention..explore why people join rotary and what they are passionate about. Try matching that passion with something in Rotary..youth, fellowship clubs, service projects etc. Goal #2 is that all clubs in district 7430 will have a dynamic strategic plan which ultimately helps clubs deal with change. We live in a different world then 1905 when Paul Harris established Rotary. What he said then, to be evolutionary and at times revolutionary still holds true today. We do not have to change our core values but look for different ways to  embrace new members , continuing to hold to our core values. Our clubs need to change to remain relevant; we must be flexible...change what was to what we can be! Goal #3 embrace and use social media. The district is establishing a Public Relations task force . If you are interested in being a part of this task force, contact the District Governor. #4 Youth Services..these are our leaders for tomorrow. Sept is New Generations month..a good time to recognize the leaders of tomorrow. And finally a word about district conference in April.....this conference is ala carte meaning you can attend any of the three days. Friday is  Fellowship; Sat you can get lunch, dinner, sessions, Happy Hour all for $99. Come out and see Bill Haley Jr and the Comets (Bill is also a Rotarian). Thank you for visiting DG Rick, we enjoyed having you.
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